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perseverancia para niños

What is perseverance for children? How to be persevering?

Educating our children about values is an essential step for their growth. This will form them as happy children, with self-esteem and ready to be able to develop in their environment. That’s why we want to share with you information about the definition of perseverance that you could take into account to explain to your little ones what it is and some of its examples.

What is perseverance?

Perseverance can be described as what drives us to be constant and stay motivated or with some energy to achieve an objective or goal. Definitely, it is first of all a skill, characteristic, or value that will accompany them throughout their lives and that will allow them to see each of their achievements. Perseverance has the goodness of being in all its senses pleasant for those who carry it out. We must be very careful not to confuse it with those people that some call “stubborn”, who also have Great willpower To continue on their path and in their desire, however, the latter does not allow themselves to be given opinions, ignore reasons and even continue even though it could be something harmful to themselves or those around them.

Perseverant people usually have a lot of listening and implement well-organized plans and activities before their goals, which are always clear and defined. These goals do not have harmful purposes for anyone, but on the contrary, they can be aimed at altruism or well-being. They know how to recognize when their plan is not working or is not adequate. You have and can create different plans or paths to be able to reach your achievements. Normally, it is called perseverance because it is carried out over a long period of time or in the face of difficulties. That is, they are people who are willing to understand that life is full of processes, which require not only motivation but also patience, work, and learning. These people are also usually very intelligent, so they know how to take breaks and recognize the small achievements that form the path to the overall goal.

How can you become persevering?

  1. Understanding that the first step to acquiring this characteristic is to accept that there will be failures. These will allow us to advance on the path because they will show us what works and what does not.
  2. You are not born knowing. This phrase is very common and at the same time very important. When you want to reach a goal, you may find many challenges and situations that you did not have. That’s when it’s time to learn. That’s the most exciting part, the more we learn, the more we will discover how much we need to know.
  3. Skills are acquired. Not everything is about talent, for example, the great athletes who have come to win the most important competitions or the most recognized artists, mostly, we could even say that all, are not there for a completely born talent. They are their thanks to the hours of work, study, and perseverance. Understanding that we can acquire skills opens up a world of possibilities, but it also requires us to develop another skill, which is patience.
  4. Set goals. It is like having a map, if we manage to have a clear goal, it is possible that we can identify the previous steps that we must take to get there. This way we will advance little by little and stay motivated most of the time.
  5. Keep yourself open to possibilities. It is true, once we have a plan it can be difficult to accept that strategies or paths are changed, but we must also identify when it is the perfect time to try something new.
  6. Listen to advice. The wisest people are those who open their panorama to different opinions. That does not mean that they will resume all of them, but that they will know how to make an evaluation of those that could be more functional for them.
  7. Trust in the possibilities. A big part of perseverance is to stay motivated, it does not mean that there are no sad days, but the important thing is also to know how to recognize the small achievements, as well as your skills, and look at every little detail as a possibility to achieve the established goal.

We hope that this article will be very helpful and will facilitate the explanation to your little one about perseverance. Leave us your comment and what else you would like to know about the subject.


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