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4 FAQs Regarding Assisted Living Facilities

Perhaps you are starting to look into the variety of senior living options for yourself and your significant other for the future and are wondering where to start. Alternatively, maybe you have already made the decision to make the exciting move to a prestigious assisted living facility and are finding out all the information you can before you sign on the dotted line.

Either way, never fear because here are four key frequently asked questions regarding assisted living facilities. 

How are Meals Planned & Are Dietary Requirements Catered For?

One of the most common questions of all asked of staff working at assisted living facilities, as well as other types of senior living communities, is related to the meals they serve on an average day. Moreover, it can often become tiresome and too much of a ‘bother’ to cook healthy and nutritious main meals each and every day for older people who are living on their own and perhaps are not 100% mobile. 

In assisted living communities, there is a deliberate focus on properly cooked, healthy, and delicious meals, with registered dieticians and professional cooks ensuring that each of the resident’s individual dietary requirements is catered for.

Are Residents Friends?

Another common worry for older people and the elderly is the fact that they seem to have a reduced social life and know far fewer people than they did when they were younger. This is another supreme advantage in choosing to relocate to a prestigious and thriving assisted living community, as the emphasis on an active social life is always at the forefront. Moreover, as your own individual and entirely private apartment within the community is yours and yours alone, your family and friends are able to visit and stay overnight whenever you choose. 

Will There be Opportunities to Keep Physically Fit?

You may well be wondering whether, even if you chose a larger assisted living facility to move into, the majority of your time will be spent sitting down in front of the television, as is often falsely portrayed in television and movies. 

This could not be farther from the truth, in reality, as one of the fundamental goals of any facility under the umbrella of senior living is to ensure the physical health and fitness levels of each and every resident. Moreover, when you choose to move to this established assisted living in Connecticut, you will be able to enjoy a wide-ranging and ever-changing activities calendar to keep yourself both physically fit and intellectually engaged.

What Kind of Services Do Assisted Living Communities Provide?

The fourth and final most popular question asked by potential residents and their families is in the context of the services the staff members and registered medical professionals can provide to residents. Assisted living facilities are fully equipped to be as ‘hands-on’ as a resident needs, and provisions are there should any resident need assistance with bathing, washing, and dressing, or else they instead require assistance with grocery shopping, household maintenance, and laundry services. Each person has their own unique plan regarding the services they have.

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