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5 games for children in 2020

In addition to entertaining children, games play a very important role in their social and mental development. This is confirmed by a recent report, explaining that playing can improve your social, language, stress management skills, and abilities, among others.

Board games

Board games are still the best option to streamline your children’s minds and interactions with other children. Also to strengthen family ties and disconnect them for a while from technology.

1. Pictureka or Lynx

It is a game to improve the reflexes and visual acuity of children. It consists of finding the images on the board first than the others. It has versions for different ages and an app for tablets and mobiles.

2. Virus

It is one of the top-rated children’s games, from 6 years old. The goal is to get 4 uninfected organs and infect the rest. It is played with colored cards and lab items.

3. Building Blocks

They never go out of style and are an excellent choice for boosting your mental skills. There are for all ages and at different prices. Magnetic blocks are ideal for children to learn colors, and geometric shapes, and improve their motor skills.

For the big ones, there are sets based on their favorite movies, such as Frozen II, from the Lego brand, for ages 5 and older. Also “The Great Dining Room of Hogwarts”, by Harry Potter, for children between 9 and 14 years old.

Outdoor children’s games

They are ideal for incentivizing your social skills and physically strengthening, working on coordination, and other skills. It is important to dedicate to this type of game at least 1 hour a day. In addition to traditional ones, such as rayuela, hideout or ball games, there are entertaining variants such as:

4. Twister on the lawn

You don’t need to buy a board if you have green areas at home and enough grass, you can create this well-known game for kids. Paint colored circles with spray and a template. There are online sites that explain step by step to do so.

5. Giant memory game

Paint pairs of figures in cardboard squares to assemble a large memory game board. Your kids will have fun outdoors trying to find the couples.

It’s important to ensure your kids have time to play both at home and abroad. In addition to choosing outdoor games that allow you to socialize choose teaching games that stimulate your intelligence.

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