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El libro adecuado para cada edad

Books for different ages of your baby and children

The right book for each ageThe benefits of reading books to children are many and all are important. Because of this, it’s good for parents to cultivate their child’s love of books as soon as possible. One of the best ways to make sure you get excited about books is not only to choose the best ones but the ones that draw the most attention to your little one, because even if it’s still small you already have your preferences. A positive experience with books in the early years of life can greatly help your understanding of texts in the school stage and make you a reader for life.

That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that for children to fully appreciate books, they have to be age-appropriate. Books are written and illustrated to attract children from specific age groups. Most books for younger children have attractive colorful images and illustrations with simple words. As younger children can’t read, they’re meant to be enjoyed with parents. Older children’s books, on the other hand, have more text and more complex stories, and images are usually left to your imagination.

The first few months

The right book for each ageBathbooks, crisp books, and tactile books are very popular for babies. They love bright colors, and this is the beginning, let your baby experiment with these fun books, even if you think it doesn’t make sense, the important thing is to make contact, attention to the content of the book will go on.

From 3 months

With funny voices, they draw your child’s attention to colorful drawings in an illustrated book. Babies recognize simple figures in bright colors and your voice will love it. Hearing is the first sense that has already developed strongly before birth. Use an enthusiastic intonation and repeat sounds and gestures until your little one wants to babble and have small “conversations” with you.

Look for books to stimulate the senses, for example with different textures to stimulate fine motor skills and with colors and sounds, will definitely attract your baby’s attention. Your little one will discover the world by grabbing everything with his hands.

Until about the first year

The right book for each ageNow is a good time to present cardboard books. Your child is now a little more adept at passing the page and already recognizes simple images of everyday things like toys and food. With these kinds of books, you can say what you see and simulate sounds.

When your child is 1 year old, the first words follow. It may not be perfectly pronounced, but they are fully understood. In this babbling phase, books help start a “conversation.” Your baby already recognizes and can name some things, such as fruits, animals, and toys. Illustrated books are ideal for discovering news. Books with a story are also recommended, so you can follow enthusiastically, especially when topics are recognizable, such as trips to the zoo, playground, or food.

He also tries to respond to his reactions, because he understands so much more than he can say! You can read a story before bed as it is a wonderful and relaxing part of the night ritual.

Does your little one want to read the same book over and over again? Super! Through repetition, children get to know more words better.

The right book for each ageUp to 24 months

Your child expresses himself more clearly and uses 2-word mini sentences. By simulating animal sounds and playing “Who is this?” Based on book drawings, it stimulates the desire to learn. How difficult or easy a book can be is different for every toddler. But one thing is certain: stories will succeed faster and better if you read to your child more often. In any case, a good book for young children has a clear and short story with an age-appropriate theme and illustrations that bring the text to life.

From the age of 2

The right book for each ageFrom now on, your little one will be able to enjoy simple and recognizable stories, especially if they deal with the topics that catch their attention. Do you choose a reading book or an illustrated book? About gentlemen or animals? To get an answer to these questions, it’s best to trust your child’s interests. In any case, most children love everything about their living environment: dressing, bathing, or shopping. In this way, they learn new words and prayers and exercise their ability to concentrate. His imagination is also nourished. If you read for a little while regularly, he will quickly recognize words and sentences.

Babies have recognized words for months before they can pronounce them. They really enjoy a simple pointing game. Choose a book with clear and simple drawings. You can look together at the drawings and say aloud what you see. In this way, he learns many new words. Looking at a book together for a few minutes is long enough for children this age.

From the age of 3 – 4 years

The right book for each ageMany children at this age already form sentences of up to 4 or 5 words. During this stage, the books on professions and hobbies, starring veterinarians and firefighters, for example, create an avalanche of curious questions. Starting at about 2 and a half years, you’re also ready for activity books: short tasks for counting or indicating colors are a good start to prepare for when school. The older your child is, the longer he or she can follow the story of a fairy tale or fantasy story. Songbooks and rhymes are often a hit along with funny books that make you laugh. Illustrated books are still very suitable at this stage, as you still like to look at the photos.

Here are some reading tips for toddlers:

– First, you can look at the cover and then think together about what the theme of the book is.

– Make it even more fun for your child using different voices for different characters.

– As you read, ask questions like “How do you think it will end?”

– Try to find what interests your child the most. Try different genres and themes and this way you will discover what your preferences are.

– It’s very normal if your child has a favorite book and likes to hear the same story over and over again.

The right book for each age– There are a wide variety of books for each age, the stories that have become classics are the ones that do not usually fail. For this reason, it is the children’s books that have captivated the attention of young readers and their parents over the years, and because of this, they are so dear.

5 to 8 years old

The right book for each ageAt this age, your child can already read simple books on his or her own. Now learn to enjoy reading, and to derive positive messages from the best books, as well as to discover models to follow. Reading brings a rich and complex experience of knowledge of the world, people, nature, and culture.

Choose books you and your child enjoy! As I said earlier young children often like to hear the same story over and over again. Children who love shared reading and at these ages that’s one of the most important purposes, the book is a means by which you can communicate with your child, teach him new concepts, and have a good time together.

Carolina González Ramos

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