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Star Wars – your Star Wars party

Star Wars is one of the best-known sagas for children, without a doubt those from 6 to 8 years old are the main followers, but there is no age limit for those passionate about this fabulous story of Jedis and lightsabers. Parents and children will be happy to decorate their house or party room with this theme, so Tips de madre shares the following ideas:

1.- The invitations, as well as in my other posts, here I designed a recommendation, I did not find invitations with blank templates for parties, so I made them, they are already in size to print, you would only need to put the details of the party and / or photo of your little one (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE IT IN LARGE):

2.- Centerpieces, with the help of balloons, large numbers with the age of your child, buckets, and paper printed with motifs of Star Wars; your party will look amazing.

3.- The details for children, very original, cutlery, popcorn, and bottles of water, remember that these little things make your celebration look incredible:

4.- The tables, regardless of whether the party is in your house, garden or party room; the decoration of the tables will be surprising if you combine the colors black and blue, either using balloons, tablecloths or china paper. You can complement it with details in metallic gray.

5.- Something that can not be missing in your StarWars party is the lightsabers for the Jedis, using foam floats and a little tape to insulate and pack. This is guaranteed fun and you can combine it with “target shooting”, using cardboard sheets with some printed images and making a hole for the balls. They will keep your guests happy and all easily and inexpensively.

6.- The food, these ideas are so great that you will want to make them even if you are not partying, haha, either with hexagonal cookies or square toast, as well as chocolate skewers, sausages, or chocolate shaped like a lightsaber. It will be a totally star wars birthday.


7.- Dessert, cake, or cupcakes for the birthday boy. How about cupcakes shaped like a Star Wars saber? children will be fascinated with these details. Without forgetting the cake with the image of the main characters of this incredible saga.

8.- Gift bags, sweets, or gifts for guests, one of the ways to be thankful that they have come to your party is this; if we don’t want to spend so much money, we can make the bags ourselves with colored paper and stick the characters’ faces on each one; or, a bag with sweets or a gift can also be a good idea:

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