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Ideas of goodie bags for children’s parties

If you prefer not to spend on walking around buying the bags for children’s parties, where we give a gift to the children who came to our children’s birthday, then very simple … we can create ours! a few paper bags, or a little cardboard that are very cheap can be useful for us. It doesn’t matter if you’re not given the crafts, give it a try! Surprise everybody with these DIY goodie bags.

That is why here I have several ideas for goodie bags for children’s parties:

1.- Wild animals – it’s as easy as cutting a strip of a paper with animal print and making different figures of animals. This is for a Safari theme or baby animals. The best thing is that you can use it for both girls and boys.


2.- Similarly to the characters of Sesame Street, colored paper bags (or make your own) add eyes, mouths, and voila. Easy, isn’t it?


3.- This image it’s interesting because it’s really not necessary for the whole superhero to be there, with eyes, mouth, color or suit is more than enough, that will help answer your question of how to make paper bags. The kids understand it perfectly.



4.- This SpongeBob is all freehand drawing, and it is very well understood, to buy indelible marker (permanent) and acrylic paint -from these Vinci bottles that are something very economical.


5.- Eyes, whiskers, bun, and nose can be drawn with an indelible marker, one black, one of water, one pink, and one yellow and it’s ready. Do you need anything more than that for Hello Kitty? Or, cut out strips of paper like the idea below:


6.- The ideas for My Little Pony, here you do need a little more elaboration, especially for the colors, you can also use glitter / diamond or ribbons:


7.- In the Disney classics, it is not necessary that you know how to make the faces of all the cartoon characters, with simple colors or motifs representative of each one, you can achieve it:

bolsa-disney bolsa-mickey-minnie

8.- Buy a white bag and print Olaf’s eyes, mouth, and buttons from Frozen. Once you cut them out, stick them in the bag and with dedication, you can have something like this:

9.- These goodie bags of Elsa and Ana from Frozen are divine and very original, it is an impression of the character, cut with scissors, and with a piece of tulle stuck with a bun as an ornament.


10.- This one is a little more elaborate but equally to make at home, are the purple Minions from Despicable Me 2:favor-bag-despicable
11.- Jake and his pirate friends, here the best thing would be that you could get a bag striped between white and another color, such as red. On cardboard draw, boat steering wheel, anchors, etc. cut and paste into the bag. Later, print the face of Jake or another character and paste it on top:favorbag-jake
12.- For a Lego party, get colorful bags -whatever there are- paste circles cut out of colored sheets, or cardboard and distribute them like Lego pieces, they look super cool:

13.- For a monster party, or from the movie Monsters Inc, the white sheets will be your best ally, since cutting a circle with another black painted inside, smaller, will make you have an eye ready to stick:



14.- Finally, from Peppa Pig, in addition to the idea of the bag, which is only a print or drawing stuck to the bag, you can tie a balloon and stick it to the character, and it will seem that Peppa is grabbing it. It’s great, isn’t it?



In this blog we do not sell any bags, rather we give you ideas so that you can create from home your own paper bags for birthday sweets Soon I will make some tutorial videos to show you how they are made step by step, while you can ask me any questions you have.

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