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How to decorate a superhero children’s party

I thank the moms who asked me for an article to have ideas on how to decorate a superhero children’s party from the one I made of the children’s version. Well, I tell you, there are some great ideas, especially for the activities that girls can do and have fun with all their guests how to do it without spending on as many things as canvases, tablecloths, table arrangements etc?

Harley Quinn has been fashionable lately, but your daughter may want to do her birthday from Ivy, Katana, Supergirl, Batichica (Batgirl), Bumblebee, or Wonder Woman herself.

Here at tipsdemadre I teach you several ideas on how to decorate a superhero children’s party.

1.- The invitation,as at other birthday parties, I made you 3 blank invitations so that you can fill them and print them, if you save the image you will be able to see it in high resolution.

2.- The decoration of your house, garden or party room. Where you’ve decided to do it, put some accessories and items, they will give the perfect atmosphere for the birthday party, with balloons, centerpieces, arrangements and more.

Remember that I have many more in the superhero party decoration article,because both apply for boys and girls, so don’t forget to visit it.

This idea I loved with Chinese paper, which is really cheap and everything is how you do it and present according to the colors of the girl you want in the decoration! Your daughter can help you!

3.- The activities,and of course, keep so many kids busy sometimes it’s not that easy if we don’t have a huge inflatable or games at the party. For this, a little creativity doesn’t hurt and then the kids end up having fun until more!!! Pull rope like superheroes to test their strength like the DC Superhero Girls.

Make bands, antifaces or even layers to dress up and play with stories and characters.

A frame to take photos in the purest style of super heroes. Adults can have fun too!

4.- The piñata,I assure you that there must be many in your market or nearby center, of some of them. It’s a staple at birthday parties in Mexico! And in your country?

5.- The cake or dessert,if you are talented or have a friend who is, do not get very complicated with the heroin girls, if they cut the figurines and stick them to fomi for example, they look pretty good. Another idea is to make cookies of the characters!

6.- The gift or bag of sweets,you can make with white or kraft strata paper (get in some bag center) and decorate according to the costume of each superhero. And if you want to do something pretty cute and fast, put a cape on things you want to give away!

superhero bag1

Good luck and I’m sure your party will be a success!!!

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