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How To Prevent Your Online Photos From Being Stolen

How To Prevent Your Online Photos From Being Stolen

Social media is a great place to post and share memories with friends and family. But it can be an easy place for someone to come and steal your photos. Stealing photos is nothing new in the world of digital media. It’s how many have obtained the identity of a “catfish.” A catfish uses another’s photos to pretend they’re someone else. You can keep your online photos from being stolen by learning how to prevent it from happening.

How To Prevent Your Online Photos From Being Stolen

Copyright Your Work

You can copyright your photos even if you aren’t a professional photographer. This practice might anger someone if they want to save your photos to their own album and share it on their profile, but it prevents intellectual property from getting stolen. Copyrighting your work protects it from falling into the wrong hands and others claiming ownership.

Avoid Posting High-Quality Images

The best way to deter others from stealing your images is to avoid posting high-quality versions. It’s a good idea to only publish high-quality photos on private accounts or in private albums. Low-quality images aren’t appealing for others to take, as it would make them look bad if they tried passing off the photos as their own.

Set Your Image Settings To Prevent Saving to Their Devices

Nowadays, everyone has access to nearly any photo they want. Having all that access is a huge security risk. If you have had images stolen in the past, then it’s a big lesson to learn in relying on social media for photo storage. Avoid any future content from getting stolen by limiting the ability of viewers to interact with your images, such as holding on their screen or right-clicking to save to their devices.

Don’t Upload in Random or Public Places

Regarding security, don’t post and share photos in public or random places. Many phones allow you to AirDrop anything you want to other phones, including sensitive data. It’s best to share content in the comfort of your home or only with a personal friend or family member. You can better prevent online photos from getting stolen by learning the risks of using social media for photo storage.

You can avoid your photos falling into the wrong hands by teaching yourself to remain safe online. While sharing memories with friends and family is fun, it leaves your content vulnerable. Start preventing personal photos from being stolen online by following our tips.

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