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Meet the 7 ideal sports for family practice

Instilled the practice of sport in our children from a young age is essential for them to develop a taste for exercise. In addition to health benefits, family-friendly activities strengthen ties between household members. Best of all, there are many ways to get started.

Practicing physical activity has important benefits for the body and what better than doing it as a family? According to Luciana Monzón, “Practicing some sport as a family improves communication, educates in values, and most importantly establishes routines. Good habits are not only taught but also practiced. Sport is an activity that facilitates this learning process”.

For this reason and many more, here are seven sports or activities ideal for family practice:

  1. Walks.
    Going for a walk is a gentle exercise that will allow you to tone your body’s muscles. It is ideal to attach to sports activities. Children love to go out, so we must take advantage of this to accompany them and enjoy the sun and good weather. Moms who have just given birth can take a long walk with the baby in the cart. Hiking has important implications for our health. After a few weeks, we’ll notice the difference.
    Besides toning muscles, walking has plenty of other benefits for kids and parents. For one, it engages the muscles that are usually inactive, such as the glutes and hamstrings, making them stronger. In addition, it’s always been linked to great mental well-being. By going on walks, everyone may sleep better, improve their mood, and lower their risk of depression.
  2. Dance.
    It’s an activity that helps burn calories and releases us from stress. Whether we go out or do it at home, we’ll have a really fun time with our little ones. Kids love to dance and, if we have a baby, we can hold him in his arms to dance together. This is an experience that would bring us great satisfaction. And, with dancing presenting a chance to learn different moves, sounds, and even cultures, it’s also an ideal learning opportunity for the whole family.
  3. Skating.
    It is an outdoor sport, so it is a great opportunity to go out to enjoy the sun and the atmosphere. Kids have a lot of fun skating and parents can accompany them in this entertaining learning. Even if we think it’s an activity for our children, the truth is that skating helps strengthen the muscles of the body. Legs and arms are strengthened with only half an hour of skating.
  4. Swimming.
    It is one of the most complete sports. All our muscles work when we enter the water. In addition to helping us stay fit, they improve our breathing and benefit the body’s joints. Trainers recommend learning to swim at a young age, as children are in a growing stage and their bodies are in development. Doctors and physiotherapists agree that diving helps increase endurance. Best of all, there are pools of all sizes, big and small. Enjoying a day of swimming as a family will surely be a pleasant experience.
    You can pack swimming accessories such as balls and pool noodles to keep the family busy. It’ll also allow kids to be creative and spend most of their time in the water. Also, remember to carry portable music players that’ll give everyone energy and generate excitement, making swimming more fun.
  5. Skateboarding is a fast-action sport and a fun way to get a full-body workout. Kids who skateboard build core strength and balance as they stop, propel, and steer the board. As it can take some time to perfect the tricks, kids will learn about practice and patience.
  6. Tennis.
    Tennis is a sport that can double as a recreational activity to be enjoyed with family and friends. It helps boost your metabolic function, and improve bone density and reaction time. As it involves numerous movements, it engages many muscle groups, which can strengthen and tone your body.
  7. Cycling.
    We all have fond memories of when we learned to ride a bike. It is an activity of great connection between father and son. Surely, our children love to ride driving, so we can take advantage of it to accompany them. Riding a bike has great benefits, as it helps harden legs and buttocks.

However, if we do not have much time to leave the house, we can perform exercises in enclosed spaces. For example, playing rackets is a very fun activity for children. In addition, using a ball is also a stimulus, as it is a base element of many sports. Kids love ball games, so we can develop some competitions and get involved in them.


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