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What to do with baby ultrasound? Creative ideas.

The thrill of seeing your baby for the first time through ultrasound is indescribable. And watching it grow every quarter is a magical experience that makes you treasure the photos of each ultrasound. From the first ultrasounds, which confirm that your child is ok, to the three-dimensional ones, document that special period of your pregnancy. But…

What to do with ultrasound lols of the baby after birth?

This vital keepsake is best transformed into various things in remembrance of your pregnancy. You’ll thank yourself for saving it and not leaving it under some pile of stuff to be forgotten, because there will come a time when your child will want to see this.

You have several options to prevent impressions from being damaged or ended up lulled into a drawer:

1. Make them part of the baby shower or their welcome party

A few days before your baby is born, a fun way to use ultrasound is to include them in the baby shower decoration. You can make centerpieces with your child’s ultrasounds in a nice frame, or place them to decorate the gift reception tables.

A creative way to remember that the protagonist is your baby is to customize the invitations with the ultrasounds. Use pastel-colored cardboard, ribbons, and lace to match photos and make beautiful cards. You may commission gift stores like Shemediy for giveaways.  They can customize pendants, mugs, shirts, keychains, etc.

2. Turn them into pictures

One of the things you can do with a baby ultrasound is to create beautiful paintings, for the decoration of your room or some special corner of your home.

Imagine a picture with the best ultrasounds and a photograph of your newborn baby. Send them to framing with pastel or white colors for photos to stand out. Framing photos will also prevent them from being erased by the effect of time.

The photo can also be replicated on a shirt. Printing it on a onesie will be cute. Another idea would be to recreate the baby’s pose on the ultrasound, print it side by side, and frame it to decorate your kid’s baby room.

You can also buy small frames ready to place each ultrasound. Make a composition with all of them on a unicolor wall. You can also mix them with your baby’s first-hand and toe prints.

But if there are priorities to attend to and you don’t want to affect your budget, you can do something simple and modern. In a wooden or PVC frame, place three rows of nylon thread from side to side. In each row place two or three ultrasound photos and hold them with wooden clothing tweezers. Place it in a place where no direct light is found, to prevent the deterioration of the photographs.

Depending on your home’s design or your personal taste, you can create a mosaic, an abstract art, or a traditional watercolor painting from the baby ultrasound. The artsy touch adds to the sentimental effect and value. You can also have the photo of the ultrasound memorialized in a scrapbook. When your baby grows up, they’ll surely enjoy flipping through the pages.

3. Do a photoshoot

Once the baby is born do photo shoots (photoshoots) with the newborn and his ultrasound is a beautiful idea, and more so because for a long time we were seeing these photos imagining what our little boy will look like when he is born, what do you think of the idea?

4. Keep them in a portrait holder

You can also get a four or five photo portrait to include the ultrasounds you like the most. You can place it on a wall or a piece of furniture. If your décor is minimalist, look for white portrait holders for three photographs, and place them on a side table or baby’s room.

But if you don’t want to make a big expense, you can do the portrait holder yourself. You only need hard cardboard or PVC, water or fabric paint, ribbons or lace, and glue. Don’t forget scissors, a ruler, and a pencil to make it custom.

4. Treasure them in an album or photo box

Another option is to save them in an album to protect them, as they are printed on thermal paper they tend to fade over time. On e-commerce pages, you can get albums specially designed to archive ultrasound and the baby’s first photos. Many come with phrases and illustrations. There are shops offered to design and assemble your custom album, you can get your photo book online really quickly and with high quality.

There are also boxes for archiving decorated or ready-to-decorate photos. In that case, you should use paper separators between each ultrasound so that they do not deteriorate.

No doubt, once you have your child in your arms for the first time, ultrasound will go into the background. But there will always be ways to give them a space in your home as a nice memory.

One photo box that will elicit oohs and aahs is an announcement frame depicting the promotion of your parents to grandparents. This will surely make them feel special and heighten their excitement about seeing their grandchild.

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