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How to decorate a children’s superhero themed party

Yes, all superheroes are super fashionable: Hulk, IronMan, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine… the entire Justice League… the truth is that I will never finish. So, you have a son super excited for his birthday party to be of this theme, but how to do it without spending on so many things like tarpaulins, tablecloths, table arrangements etc?

Here at tipsdemadre I show you several ideas to decorate superhero children’s parties for your kid:

Disposable cutlery with colorful napkins and the figure of your favorite character on top:


Here I put images of superheroes on stamps, if you want to print them for this purpose or for more things at your party (click on it):

You can use them to create an Avengers candy bar or for Batman centerpieces.



Masks or capes of your choice, to have more fun:



Or you can choose to paint children’s faces as superheroes, there are a few bottles of paint in self-service stores or in markets, which can be something economical and fun for them:


Chips in paper cones, with the symbol of Batman printed as an ornament, is a very original idea:


Or popcorn decorated with Superman’s symbol:


Bottles of water decorated with superheroe’s faces:


Decoration of superheroes for your house, party room, or garden, with pompoms or other quick things to do:


Here’s how to create your own pompom:



Create a jumping activity and go through it just like Spiderman, it can be like stamen, ribbons, or whatever you have at hand:


Or also put the star on Captain America’s shield blindfolded:


And you can’t miss the cake… we ordered two for my son’s party, one made of cupcakes:


And another cake for the family party with Spiderman and Venom:


Or they can be creative jellies from Captain America for example:


Finally, goodie bags in the shape of superheroes, note, here the important thing is that the badge or the color stands out, it is not necessary so much detail, children understand it very well like that. And all set for the superhero party!



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