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Baby room decorating tips for new moms

Being a new mom is quite an adventure, but without a doubt, it is also one of the most beautiful experiences in life. And it is just at the moment that we see the faces of our little ones that our world changes completely and we do not want to do anything other than dedicate ourselves to them. Part of becoming a mother is learning that there are many things to discover. Therefore, it is necessary to be informed about their development, upbringing, lactation, early stimulation, and more, to help them grow in the best way.

This is where the decoration of your rooms comes in. To help you, at Tips de Madre we have prepared these 5 useful tips for you when you start decorating your baby’s room for the first time.

1. Baby room decoration: Let’s start with the walls

When it comes to decorating a baby room, we should always start with the color of the walls.

It is likely that after a few months of pregnancy you have begun to imagine how to decorate your baby’s room. But until we know the sex, we have a hard time choosing the ideal color. However, you don’t have to wait to find out the gender of your baby to choose a colour. You can venture into the paint shop and start exploring different combinations.

Remember that the typical arrangement, pink for girls and blue for boys, is almost outdated. We are in a time where we can try many palettes and color tones. What you do have to keep in mind is that, for baby rooms, the best are pastel tones and neutral colors. In this way we can create an environment where harmony prevails and the baby can rest.

So avoid colors like bright orange, yellow, and even very dark pink or blue. As long as you go for pastel tones, such as sand, aqua blue, beige or white, it will be ideal to create a calmer environment for your little one.

2. Lighting is essential for the baby’s rest:

Lighting in a baby’s room is more than just decorative. Since newborn children are very susceptible to light. In fact, poor lighting can alter the circadian rhythms of our little ones’ sleep, preventing them from being able to rest properly.

You know what that means moms, that if the baby can’t sleep, she probably wants to cry.

So, as tip number 2, we recommend that you pay close attention to lighting. And if you have windows in the room, make sure you have good quality curtains or blinds. Above all, because newborn babies spend a large part of the day sleeping and we don’t want anything to disturb her rest.

Another thing you can do is buy a couple of lamps that have the function of adjusting the light to create a more cozy atmosphere at night.

3. We must pay attention to the floors of the room:

Time flies when it comes to toddlers and before you know it, one day your baby will go from the crib, to crawling all over the house, and then to taking her first steps. That is why the floor is so important when it comes to decorating baby rooms. Because this is where they will spend most of their time.

Our advice is to ensure that the floors in the room are completely safe for your little one, many things happen when they are learning to crawl and walk, and you will always want it to be as safe as possible.

A good idea is to get a rubber mat that covers a large part of the floor. The good thing about this type of panel, unlike carpets, is that they do not accumulate dirt and mites. In addition to being washable.

4. Always choose natural materials:

One of the things that we pay the least attention to when it comes to decorating baby rooms is the materials. But in reality, they are just as important. We must avoid solid wood furniture and especially chipboard and varnishes (even more so if they are freshly painted).

Although it is imperceptible to us, the chemicals that are in the furniture paints can be toxic and cause allergic reactions in the baby. And for the sheet, pillows or blankets, 100% cotton natural fibers are also better.

Keep in mind that babies’ skin is very delicate and can become irritated by rubbing if you have sheets with a lot of polyesters.

5. It is not necessary to have so many pieces of furniture, choose those that are really functional:

When decorating your baby’s room, you probably want the complete combo with all the furniture in the room. But the reality is that your baby can barely stand up in her crib. So do not give so much importance to the idea of ​​having all the furniture and focus instead on those that are functional.

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