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Nombres rusos para niñas

15 Russian names for girls

If what you want is to find a unique name that distinguishes your little girl from the other girls. You arrived at the right place, plus they have very special meanings. When looking for the name for our baby it may seem a bit boring to those we hear daily, so it is highly recommended to go in search of names that are from other cultures and that even stand out or distinguish by their pronunciation. In mother tips, we have for you 15 Russian names for girls.

Origin of Russian names for babies

Let’s start by talking about the culture where these beautiful names originate. Russia. This country is gigantic, as are its population and traditions. It extends throughout both Europe and Asia. One of its main references to the world is beer or alcohol since many consider it as part of the diet, but the most taken drink there is tea. But it is even better known for its climate, you can even find in its territory the coldest place in the world, which is -67 ° C, a practically uninhabitable but extremely beautiful place. Can you imagine everything full of snow?

One of its main axes is religion, which will intervene a lot in the names chosen for its sons and daughters. 72% of the population practices Orthodox Christianity. We are talking about between 70 and 80 million people.

These traditions have become a little less strict, but historically the way a name was chosen. The baby was through the calendar of the Orthodox Church, according to the saint who corresponded to his birth. Although of course also with globalization, history, wars and new generations, this has been diversifying.

Very interesting combinations began to be created, some took up those that had desired meanings for girls, and also began to use names of important characters, Artists or even historical or scientific events, at some point the combination of elements of the periodic table was used or resumed words of everyday life. Something that should also be taken into account, is that some names are shared with the Greeks, due to their roots and religion, so they can be variants. Let’s know different Russian names for your girl:

Italian names for girls:

  1. Anastasia: It shares Russian and Greek origins. It means “resurrection” or that which can be resurrected.
  2. Svetlana: One of the most popular and beloved names in Russia, it means “brightness”, a girl who will have a lot of light in her being, illusion and affection to toast.
  3. Duscha: This is an example of the adaptation of everyday words. Its meaning is “happy or happy”, ideal for what you most want your baby to have all her life.
  4. Dascha or Dasha: “Gift from God” or that which is maintained with well-being. Both translations point to a girl surrounded by blessings, care and love.
  5. Deniska: It is a variant of Denisse. That would come to be something like: “Who does not lose faith in God”, a girl devoted to learning kindness, tenderness and love.
  6. Sasha: “Who defends”, has to do with a warrior, and is a variant of Alexandra. A very strong girl both physically and mentally and a born leader.
  7. Galina: It shares Russian and Greek origin, apart from sounding extremely beautiful, its meaning is “calm or who heals”, a small one that will dedicate a good part of it to giving tranquillity to those around her and herself.
  8. Yeva: It is a variant of Eve, which as such is “life”, a beautiful meaning, for life is everything. Happiness, adaptation, origin, change, etc.
  9. Jelena/Yelena/Lena: It is a variant of Elena’s “torch, dazzling, beautiful, which dawn or sun at dawn. Any of these characteristics are beautiful for your baby, a strong, incredible, fun and willing to triumph girl.
  10. Marisha: Name that turns out to be a variant Maria, extremely important for their culture. It means Beloved of God or God is perfection.
  11. Luba: The origin of this name is still in doubt, but it is usually one of the most used names in Russia, it means “Charm or love”, perfect for your baby.
  12. Nikita: It shares Russian and Greek origin, which means “unconquerable”, perfect for a beautiful and intelligent girl.
  13. Kostya: A variant of Constantine, that is, “enduring”, a small one with a lot of strength in its being and a way of being that leaves its mark.
  14. Vania or Ivana: very popular in the Middle Ages. Its translation is “God is merciful.”
  15. Volodia: This name is used by women and men, it is usually also listening as Vladimir, it means “lord or lady of the world”, a very strong meaning, it can be meant both religiously and also ideal for that girl who will achieve everything she wants.

We hope you found these names beautiful and could help you find your girl’s perfect name.

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