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12 Italian names for boys

Choosing the name for your child is one of the most important steps, something that requires time and above all many options. The most important thing is that you find one that expresses the meaning you want to convey while also reflecting your love for your child. The names in Italian are an excellent option for you to review thoroughly, because they are very beautiful names, very harmonious sounds, and have relevant meanings in their lyrics. This is why here we share a list of 12 child names in Italian.

Origin of Italian names for babies

Italy is one of the most beautiful places for its architecture. In its streets, you can practically find a history carved into its structures. This is because it preserves many of the styles of antiquity as well as representative works, for example, Roman Colosseum, Florence Cathedral, Milan Cathedral, St. Peter’s Basilica, etc. It is also well known for being the birthplace of artists, specifically or above all very famous sculptors and painters.

Now, when it comes to the choice of a name for a baby in this country, it is entirely up to the parents or whoever is in charge of the child. But it is true that there is a marked trend as to the reasons why certain names are chosen.

For boys, it is usually very common to choose names that find their origin in the Catholic religion, since for many families it is a fundamental point in their lives and they want their children to resume this cultural heritage. Now as for the other names that are more popular, we find those belonging to artists who have marked the history of the country, we talk about writers, sculptors, and painters. Finally, many others for their meaning, which mostly has a load towards characteristics of Strength and courage. It is important to note that many Italian names are “variants” of others that originated in a different culture, most notably German. Once we know a little about the origin of these names, let’s look at each of them.

Italian names for children:

  1. Benedetto: “Blessed,” like many Italian names, refers to a religious issue. A little one who has been born with divine grace or God’s grace. Surely he will be surrounded by a lot of love and a very good star, that is, he will know how to guide himself on a good path, he will avoid bad or harmful advice, he will dedicate part of his life to carrying out the teachings of God.
  2. Baldovino: This name is a variant that arises from Baldwin, originally Germanic. It is ideal for a very bold child, who will be ready for any adventure and who will have all the skills to overcome any adversity that life throws at him. Its meaning is “Brave Friend”. This does not mean that it is someone without fears, but that, on the contrary, he has them and above all, knows how to recognize them, therefore, he faces them in the best possible way.
  3. Angelo: Another name of Catholic origin. It is even very evident, as such refers to an “Angel”, as we know, are these beings full of divinity, grace and desire to help others. It is for the latter, that they are also often known as “messengers”, who have the objective of sharing with others something important. In addition to that, the name alone has a beautiful sound.
  4. Antonello: This is the ideal name for a child who wants to be resilient, that is, to protect his integrity and desire to enjoy life, despite adversity, someone who will definitely have a lot of ability to solve problems. Also that he will know how to face and recognize his fears, even extremely protective, because his meaning as such is “He who flourishes” or has also been translated as “brave”.
  5. Camilo: This name has become very popular, not only in Italy, but throughout the world. In case we can only say that it is a very nice name in terms of sound, but it is also for its meaning. It retakes, like some others, religion and faith as its basis. For it refers to a child who will know how to be guided by the teachings that are instilled in him, as well as share them with the other, from the word or the example. Its meaning is “He who is present in God or messenger of God.”
  6. Carlo: From my favorite names. It is true that it sounds a bit tele novelesque, but it is that the truth contains in its lyrics or when pronouncing it to a touch of romanticism. It is one of the names that has become more popular over the years in Italy. Although originally, this name is a variant of Charles, whose origin is Germanic. Its meaning could be translated as “strong and manly man” or “free man”. Either shows strength, bravery, and a desire for adventure.
  7. Dante: Surely when listening to Dante, it sounds to you like someone very cultured or renowned. This name became very popular from the emergence of a work that marked history in Italy, “The Divine Comedy”, because its writer was Dante Alighieri. This text was a fundamental part of the change of thought from the medieval to the Renaissance. Therefore, in the history of this name, we can already mark many characteristics, including intellectual, of great impact and as such its meaning would be “enduring, resistant”, that is, a child who will surely leave his mark wherever he goes.
  8. Filippo: A beautiful name indicates that your child will be very close to nature, specifically to animals, will be very noble, empathetic and kind, easily to make friends. As such it is a variant of the original name Philip, which arises in Greece, whose meaning is “Friend of horses”.
  9. Francesco: This name also has its feminine variant. Both names mean “Who has been delivered.” This means that this is a child who will be full of curiosity for life and desire for experiences as well as adventures. Someone with a lot of will and determination.
  10. Paolino: This name finds its origin in a character in the Bible, the apostle St. Paul. Who had enormous importance, it was he who managed to spread the word beyond the Jewish people, with great effort, from expeditions and dedicating his life completely to this. Therefore, returning to these characteristics, we would be talking about someone, resilient, with a great mission in life, is willing to help and listen to others, a person with leadership characteristics and someone very persevering.
  11. Taddeo: “Brave man.” This name also became popular in Italy, not only for its beautiful meaning, which turns out to express many of the characteristics that are desired for a child, such as bold, intelligent, adventurous, etc. Rather it had its apogee due to a historical character, Taddeo Gaddi, Italian painter and architect of Italian-Gothic style, who left great works and was a great representative of the time. Therefore, this name also signals an artistic dowry.
  12. Raffaello: This name is indicated by its meaning for those families who are committed to religion and want this to be reflected in the name of their child, in the same way, it can be indicated for a child who had health problems at birth, but who will overcome it. Its meaning is “the one whom God has healed.”


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