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Most Common Things That Make Dogs Anxious

Most Common Things That Make Dogs Anxious

Dogs are great pets because they show their emotions in unique ways. Unfortunately, they can also feel anxiety and dread. Help your dog by learning the most common things that make them anxious.

Unfamiliar Dogs

In various TV shows and movies, we see dogs chumming it up with every other canine in the scene. In reality, many dogs cannot stand the sight or the smell of their brethren. It may take time for your pup to feel comfortable around other animals, but they could make their own furry friends if you take it easy and introduce them slowly.

Trips to the Vet

Dogs have an uncanny sense of impending doom, such as a trip to the vet. Many dogs think the vet is the worst place to be. You may help your dog become more comfortable with trips to the veterinarian by desensitizing them to the experience with brief trips full of goodies and praise without a trip to the exam room.

A veterinary clinic with a waiting room full of people and pets on edge will only worsen things for anxious dogs. Don’t hesitate to ask your vet for recommendations on clinics with more comfortable waiting areas and a fear-free treatment philosophy.

Most Common Things That Make Dogs Anxious

Loud Noises

As any dog owner knows, especially after a fireworks display on the Fourth of July, dogs fear loud and unexpected noises. You may never determine the core cause of a dog’s anxiety from loud booms, and you cannot do much to keep them from pacing and barking at the air. Comfort them, offer a safe place to rest, and experiment with soundproofing tactics. You can also give your pup medication to get them through this trying time, but ask your vet first to determine the best treatments for their anxiety.

Being Alone

Your dog’s tail wags a million miles per second when you come home because they don’t enjoy being alone. If you can’t leave the front door without hearing whimpers or barks from inside, there’s a good chance your dog has separation anxiety. A minor bout of separation anxiety is fixable without medication, although the extreme cases will require you to pull out all the stops.

Unfortunately, the most common things that make dogs anxious are unavoidable. It’s not like you can prevent your neighbors from shooting off fireworks to celebrate their patriotism, avoid going to the vet, or sequester your pooch from the outside world. Tending to their needs and doing your best is all you can do, and we’re sure they appreciate your efforts.

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