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4 Things to Know When Moving to St Louis

Missouri is the eighteenth largest state in terms of population in the whole of the United States and sits firmly in the stunning Midwestern region of the country.

The capital, Jefferson City, is indeed a vibrant and diverse city in which to reside, but if you are either currently considering whether or not to move to the fantastic, modern, and exciting city of St Louis, then this article is definitely for you. 

With this in mind, here are four things to know when moving to St Louis. 

The Most Popular Neighbors

If you intend on relocating to St Louis for work, it may well be the case that the area you choose to reside in has already been chosen for you or else limits your range, but if not, it may well help to be aware of the most popular neighborhoods, especially for newcomers to the state. 

The most popular neighborhoods include:

  • Soulard (Population: Approx. 3,500)
  • Kirkwood (Population: Approx. 28,000)
  • Shaw (Population: Approx. 6,900)
  • The Hill (Population: Approx. 2,500)
  • Chesterfield (Population: Approx. 48,000)
  • Lafayette Square (Population: Approx. 2,500)

Chesterfield Is an Up & Coming Vibrant Place to Live 

Chesterfield, which is a western suburb of St Louis, is the fourteenth largest city in the state and sits in a rich, stunning valley which is why so many fabulous crops, plants, flowers, and fruits are grown in the area. 

There is also a well-respected industry of ‘handymen’ in Chesterfield, which is why if you do choose to relocate to the area, everything you need will be on hand, from finding a trusted plumber in Chesterfield, MO you can use for years to come to landscape gardeners who come highly recommended. 

The Weather Takes a Bit of Getting Used To!

One of the most amazing and unique characteristics of living in St Louis is the exposure to all four seasons, each with distinctive weather patterns, and what is more, it is usual to experience all four on the very same day. 

It would also be worth pointing out that St Louis and the surrounding area seem to be prone to flash flooding (and the odd tornado).

You can enjoy these varied weather patterns wherever you choose to spend your free time in the area, but St Louis boasts such a stunning range of national parks that it would be a shame not to see them. Renowned national parks in St Louis include the George Washington Carver National Monument and the Gateway Arch National Park

The Unrivalled School System

If you are relocating to St Louis with a family, and if your children are young and will need to transfer to new schools, then you are most definitely in luck. 

Residents of St Louis are deservingly proud of their school system, and long after graduation, they still identify each other by the college or university they attended. In the St Louis district of public schools, there are around seventy-five separate academic institutions, and the area specifically reigns in the caliber of higher education schools.

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