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5 Important Tips for Cleaning Off a Power Wheel

5 Important Tips for Cleaning Off a Power Wheel

After days of play, your kids’ toys can become dirty, including their power wheel. But you may wonder, “Can I clean it up without damaging the vehicle?” Fortunately, you can if you do it properly. Read on to learn five important tips for cleaning off a power wheel so that you and your child can work together to make it neat again.

Remove Any Objects

One tip for starting this process is removing any toys or other items your kid left behind in their power wheel. You’ll want to ensure you don’t get any soap or water on them, just like you would for your own items when cleaning a full-sized car.

Take Out the Battery

Before you actually begin cleaning, you should also remember one of the most important tips for cleaning off a power wheel: you must take out the battery. You don’t want to get any water onto the battery that will cause damage.

You should also avoid dripping water onto the battery compartment during cleaning. This caution will prevent you from doing any harm to the circuits inside.

Hand-Wash the Vehicle

When you finally get to the point of cleaning off the vehicle, make sure you hand wash it instead of using a hose. The latter makes it easier for water to get inside the battery compartment and do damage. Instead, wash the car by hand with the help of a cloth and a bucket of soapy water so that you keep the vehicle safe.

5 Important Tips for Cleaning Off a Power Wheel

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

When you pick your cleaning solution, try to stick to mild detergents. Some chemicals may be too harsh and can hurt the plastic or the color of your child’s vehicle, which won’t make them happy after washing it.

However, you may be trying to do a thorough cleaning so that you can paint your kid’s power wheel a different color. If so, consider having a grease and wax remover on hand. The remover will help you get rid of spots or blemishes that the detergent cannot take off.

Don’t Use a Blow Dryer

When you dry the vehicle off afterward, do it by hand. Although you may consider using a blow dryer to speed up the process, it’s best to avoid using one. It can cause premature fading in the paint, which will hurt the appearance of your child’s vehicle.

Now that you know these tips, you and your little one can do a better job of keeping their power wheel clean without damaging it. That will allow them to have more fun adventures as they ride it around your lawn.

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