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Monsters Inc. Children’s Party – Birthday

Even if it doesn’t look like it, the Monsters Inc. film. premiered in 2001 and our children still love Sullivan, Wazowski, and Boo as if it were a trending topic in 2020. Whether they knew them from that one or from Monsters University… they will surely want to celebrate their birthday with a children’s party from Monster inc.

Here at tipsdemadre I show you several ideas of how to decorate a children’s monster party for your boy or girl.

1. The first thing is the Monster inc invitations for both girl and boy, and as in each article, there are totally blank ones of the perfect size for half-letter printing (CLICK ON SAVE AS):


2.- The details, These decorations of mosnter inc can be both for girl and boy, as I have already explained in other articles, small things make your party look a lot and the guests will appreciate it, birthday cones, decorated doors, eyes that move in glasses and food, are some of the novelties that may be in your celebration:



3.- The centerpieces or arrangements of moster inc, Even if your party whether it’s in the house or garden or anywhere, one at each table or several at the candy table, they’re going to look really cute, you can easily try pots, cardboard, character prints or look in party shops, you’re sure to find:

4.- The activities, essential for all guests to have a good time since it is not only that everything looks beautiful; but do something. Like a Monsters photo frame or coloring pages.

6.- The decoration, because there are simple shapes, with paper clippings, balloons, banners of Monsters Inc and more, to make your house, living room or garden, very flashy for your party-a, what if I highly recommend is a candy bar and of course you can not miss the piñata:

7.- The cake, cupcakes, or cookies, take advantage that everything is either purple or green, also, you can send it to do, but you can try to do it on your own, at the end the experience of your children with you is what counts!!

8.- Bags and souvenirs, making boo candy makers or one of the other characters of monster inc may not be so difficult, getting the right tone in bowling centers. But check out the idea I found to put circles on clay like the boats that pull the monsters out of the children’s screams in the movie, how’s it going? Awesome

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