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Paw Patrol into action! – Birthday party ideas

Since Paw Patrol got released, my son loved it and I must say that I also like it and I think it’s a good cartoon. Since they teach values of companionship, courage, and friendship; while still being fun.

My son loves Rubble and Chase but yes, he wanted his Marshall fire truck for his birthday. I decided to make a post on tipsdemadre, about several ideas for Paw Patrol’s birthday party, the pup patrol, because I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to celebrate it this way. We start with the first thing, that is the invitations:

1.- The editable paw patrol invitations, using paw patrol images, I made you some blank templates so you can put the photo of your child, place, time etc in them (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT AND BE ABLE TO PRINT IT IN HALF A LETTER):





2.- The details in the decoration of paw patrol, things like cutlery, paw patrol centerpieces and decoration with some ornament, will make your party wonderful, I leave you the stamps in case you want to print them for the cutlery:



paw-patrol-sellos paw-patrol-centro-de-mesapaw-patrol-fiesta

You can also print cones for food or for hats. And if you don’t know how to decorate a Paw Patrol birthday, you can also use one type of pennant or several pennants throughout the party venue.

3.- The activities, a very easy thing to do at home, are the masks or masks of the characters of Paw Patrol, (Click on the images to see them in BIG and print):paw-patrol-mascaras

4.- Snacks, whether you accommodate them as for paw patrol puppies, or you cut, cheeses, ham, etc., in the shape of a bone, See how cute the sandwiches look! and it is very fast and economic:






6.- The coloring pages, surely your guests love to color with crayons, so here I leave you the blank images of Skye, Rubble and all the pups, so they can color them (click to print in large):






7.- The paw patrol cake or dessert, well, actually, cupcakes, are a good option, because with a large circle and 3 small ones you will have a dog footprint just for the theme of Paw Patrol, whether you are willing to make them, order or send it to make:



This cake looks a lot like Everest!!



8.- Gifts or goodies, whether candies (such as these from Chase, Zuma, and Rocky), sweets, stuffed dogs, or toys such as frisbees, are all good ideas to give at the end of the party or birthday with paw patrol theme:




I hope these ideas are useful to you!

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