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Fiesta cumpleaños mimi minnie

All for a themed party with… Minnie!

We all love this cute and joyful mouse, and I am sure your kid would want to celebrate her special day with this party theme. Find below several ideas so that your girl’s birthday looks incredible with not so much budget.

You have two options, at this type of party theme, you can go for the pinks or the reds, yes, both with white dots. If you want to mix colors, it will also look great.

Here are the ideas for a Minnie-themed birthday party:

1.- The invitations of Minnie mouse, because I did not find any blank invites on the web, I took the liberty of creating some with original images with all the spaces for the photo of your little one, and another for the info of the party event:




2.- The details, as I have already explained in other articles, small things make your party look amazing and the guests will appreciate them, glasses with stickers, cutlery, popcorn with some ornament and more:minnie-vasos




3.- The signs, if you print them on letter sheets, and put them where they should be, they will look very nice, I made these for you:


minnie-agua-letrerominnie-botana-letrerominnie-candy-bar-letrero4.- Minnie centerpiece with candies or paper flower arrangements, even if your party is in your house or in a big garden or wherever, one at each table or several at the candy table, they will look very cute, you can easily try it with painted polystyrene spheres -this material is super economic- check these ideas:

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If you need Minnie to cut it, find it below (click to enlarge):minnie-figura

5.- The activities, it’s essential for all the guests to have a good time, since it is not only about everything looking beautiful; they have to do something. You can be creative and have a frame for pictures, stick a bow with simple Velcro on Minnie’s silhouette, make headbands or have different coloring pages for the little kids:



minnie-mouse-diadema 6.- The decoration of minnie, there are simple ways, like with paper cutouts with minnie image, balloons and more, to make your house, living room or garden, stuning for your party. What I recommend a lot is a candy bar and of course you can not miss the piñata:



7.- The Minnie mouse cake, cupcakes, or cookies, since everything is done with a round shape, it can be a little easier. If cooking is not your thing, you can have it done, but the idea of the oreo’s is great and easy!!!


8.- The goodie bags and gifts, making bags may not be so difficult, here I leave you several options, and remember to put a sign that can useful for the candy area or decorated bubbles:



bolsa-disney bolsa-mickey-minnie


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