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What is Successful Breastfeeding?

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Article written by Fanny Safl from SeBuscanMamás

Today I want to write you a little bit about my perspective on the types of breastfeeding and what is successful breastfeeding.

Exclusive breastfeeding and milk formulas

Exclusive breastfeeding is one where you naturally provide food to your baby through your breasts, you do not give any other food but your milk. Artificial breastfeeding is when you feed your baby using special baby formula.

Mixed Breastfeeding

Mixed breastfeeding is a combination of both forms of food, you provide breast milk and formula.

But what is successful breastfeeding?

Much has been said about the benefits of exclusive breast milk (which are 100% true and every day are more presented) directly related to successful breastfeeding, which is not entirely true, and is that if we see the other side of the coin …

Did formula-feeding mothers fail?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Every mother is free to choose how to feed her baby, so where did the idea come from that exclusive breastfeeding is successful breastfeeding and artificial breastfeeding is breastfeeding that failed? Everything is the result of being so radical in the way of transmitting information, for years it has been struggling to increase the rate of breastfeeding and decrease the high numbers of industrialized milk. The answer is that thanks to several verifiable scientific studies it was possible to notice that breastfeeding has many benefits for mom and baby so “lactivism” began where it was sought to spread the multiple benefits of breastfeeding and reduce the rate of formula consumption (in places where water is not drinkable or there is little access to drinking water).

As a result of this movement, it began to relate (mainly in maternity groups) that if you carried breastfeeding your breastfeeding was successful, and the mothers who gave industrialized milk convinced them to desist from this form of feeding.

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My opinion is the following successful breastfeeding is the one with which one as a mother feels comfortable, you can take a breastfeeding and/or artificial feel that it is the best decision while inside you do not want the time to take or take mixed breastfeeding and feel good with this decision.

So successful breastfeeding is based on choosing any of the types of breastfeeding you feel comfortable with and enjoy, the only way to know that your breastfeeding will be successful will be to inform yourself and make an informed decision about which type of breastfeeding best suits you and your routine.

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