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10 Names Beginning with the Letter X for Boys

Having a baby is one of the most important decisions for anyone’s life. That is why having every little detail ready before your arrival is indispensable. We talk about clothes, furniture, toys, spaces, etc. but there is something that definitely requires a lot of creativity, time and is the most valuable of all. We talk about the choice of its name.

Choosing the letter X for your baby’s name

The name you choose for your baby will accompany him throughout life and will express each and every one of his characteristics. Hence its great importance. To make that selection there are many options, such as searching for names of other cultures, for example China, Japan, France, etc., you can also choose to put the names of relatives or yours, among many other options. However, something that is sought to a greater extent is that they are very uncommon, both in their writing and in their pronunciation. That’s why names that begin with the letter X can be ideal and very interesting.

Remember that the letter X can be loved by many and rejected by others. This is because it has very exclusive characteristics, for example, it can be difficult to pronounce for foreigners, which is why until before the 1900s it was rejected in Mexico by the Mexican Academy of Language. Although it also has other incredible characteristics, for example, for many writers the X is considered exotic, difficult to forget and unique. Definitely amazing features for your baby’s name. Here is a list of names that begin with the letter X for boys (boys), which we hope you like.


10 Names beginning with the letter X for children:

  1. Xavier: This beautiful name is of Basque origin. “The one who lives in the new house”, although it may have a slightly strange and little understandable meaning at first, encompasses characteristics of a quiet, prudent, extremely affectionate and loving person.
  2. Xel-Há: Nothing more beautiful than to return to a name of Aztec origin. Full of history and meanings. It is a very common name in the Riviera Maya. It means “where the waters are born”. The pronunciation of this name turns out to be very different from what is customary, this is because the Mayan languages use sounds that occur with the obstruction of air and the combination of unusual letters. He will be above all a child full of luck, humble and someone who like the waters usually flows with situations, so he will be a very decisive person.
  3. Xonas: It is a variant of Jonah, therefore it has Hebrew origin. Its meaning could be translated as “dove”. Formerly it was in ancient Greek it was believed that doves were sent by the gods as a divine sign to man. It can also represent purity, love and a lot of spirituality.
  4. Xen: This name is of Chinese origin, it means “authentic”, so it points out that it is a small transparent being, which has nothing to hide, therefore very sincere and pleasant, with a way of being unrepeatable.
  5. Xanti: It is a variant of the name Santiago. Its translation could be considered as “one who changes” or “who is rewarded by God”. Either of the two refers to someone with very good luck, but who will also be very hardworking, always in continuous movement and change in such a way that he will be rewarded by the conditions that life presents him.
  6. Xandre and Xander: These two names turn out to be the variant of Alexander. A beautiful name, which refers to a protective person, who is always willing to defend the people he loves. It also speaks of someone with a lot of strength, courage and affection to bestow.
  7. Xune. Of Asturian origin, an area located in Spain, with a lot of history and cultural variety, its meaning is “the one who was born in June”. In this sense, it can be a perfect name to give to your little one, in case for you this month will take a lot of importance for his birth or because it coincided with another very significant event.
  8. Xiao: This name for a child, it is precious for your baby. As such its meaning is ‘dawn’. It has its origin in Chinese culture. We could say that it refers to a little person with a lot of energy, light, but also with a lot of balance, because it will also provide peace and tranquility to everyone around him.
  9. Xué: It is of Chinese origin, so its pronunciation is extremely different being a short name. Its meaning is “studious”, therefore a small one who will be dedicated, with a lot of curiosity in his being and prepared for every situation.
    This name can also mean “the god of the sun” or refers to it, since there was a very important figure for the Muisca culture, originally from Colombia, to whom tribute was paid and whose name was Xué.
  10. Xalo: A beautiful name of Galician origin, whose meaning is “the landscape“. A little one who will have a strong connection with nature, spirituality, freedom and beauty, who will know how to enjoy every little detail and adventure.


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