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Mayan names for boys and their meaning

Mayan names are a great option to add to your list of possible names for your baby. They are names with special, beautiful and different meanings.

In addition, they are endowed with the history of a highly representative culture for Mesoamerica. That is why we want to share a list of Mayan names for children, where you will surely find the ideal name for your little one.

It is a culture that encompassed part of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. He managed to master the language through the writing of hieroglyphs, they were the best and outstanding in aspects such as mathematics, astronomy, arts and architecture.

Origin of Mayan names for babies

The names within this culture were crucial because they represented the fate of the little one. The Maya performed some ceremonies similar to what we know today as baptism. Once the children were born they were taken to the priest, who gave them a child’s name. This name was related to the sign it had, that is, it indicated whether the baby was born with good or bad fortune.

But it has also been found to relate to names inherited from the father or by political position. It was added to the sign: In, An or U at the end or Ah at the beginning. Normally this name was temporary and was modified during the puberty ceremony. For them it represented a new birth “caputzihil” that was approximately at 13 years. In addition to this, it was modified again when marriage was contracted. That is, the name represented much of the social condition in which the person was.

Something that is also interesting is the fact that many of the names seem to be very equal to each other, which is because in the Mayan languages sounds are used that occur with the obstruction of the air, after their pronunciation. It is usually a sound and a structure to which we are not accustomed, which provides a special and unique touch. Let’s see them.

Mayan names for children:

  • Aalkab Óol: “Adventurous spirit” definitely the perfect name for any little one who is discovering the world, but above all a way to represent a child who will become an adult ready to make decisions that will take him to incredible and unimaginable places, a completely free soul.
  • Aakbal: It refers to the third day of the calendrical system. It means “nocturnal or good of the dark” It is extremely linked to an intelligent personality and a lot of wisdom.
  • Áaktunkoj: Jaguar grotto.
  • Jaguar: Jaguar

Names that should be worn with pride without a doubt. The jaguar was a key point in the Mayan culture. It represents power, life, fertility, but above all it is considered to have a very close relationship with the gods of the underworld. As well as dominance at night, because their fur resembles the sky with stars.

  • Ajalkaab: “Awakening of the world” Definitely this name carries a very deep meaning, we speak of an end and a beginning in the same point of reference. That person as a before and after. As a good indication. It can be interpreted as an intellectual, spiritual awakening, etc.
  • Ikal: “From the wind, immaterial, breath” A free child, who maintains his main value in the intangible, that is, in his way of being.
  • Kiinam: This name means “Spiritual Strength”, something that we certainly wish our little one to have. An essential characteristic for a child to be happy. Above all, we will refer to strength as that capacity for resilience but also for inner peace. Someone who knows where he is going and the reason for his decisions.
  • Chiibal Uj: “Son of the moon”, a simple name, but of great strength. Surely a child with an unparalleled grandeur and brightness in every step he takes.
  • Sayab: “Inexhaustible source” may refer to a slightly general name, however, that gives it great value. An inexhaustible source of all the characteristics you could want for your little one, happiness, wisdom, intelligence, patience. Let’s say it represents a little one who will always find a way to find answers and stability.
  • Yoolkaan: “Breath from heaven”, in my opinion one of the most beautiful names, both in sound and meaning. A child who is free but who also has a certain calm in his path, who knows how to enjoy. He even has a balance in his being, between his way of thinking and feeling.
  • Chéelutaan: “The one with a colorful or flowery word.” A child who will be an expert when establishing dialogue with anyone, therefore, it is possible that he will be good at communicating his emotions and thoughts, as well as in areas that require it such as business or as a leader.

We hope that one of these names can be chosen to represent the special value that your baby has for you. At Tips de Madre we are happy to be part of something as beautiful as the choice of your baby’s name.


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