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Baby shoes

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The baby shoes are probably one of the things we care the less, but they’re a beautiful detail for our little ones.  I, as a mom of a 3 year old boy, I can tell you:

put whatever you want on your babies!!!

Because when they grow up, they will wear tennis not because they are gorgeous, they will use the ones that will resist the most, because they run, jump, go through water, mud etc. and if they are not made for that, it’s very probable that in one or two months you’ll have to buy another pair.

Here I show you different shapes, ideas and materials to use in the shoes of your baby:

The classic ones

Knit or crochet, you can not miss if you dress with a set of tissue equally. Maybe ones of felt for feeling warm.

full_948_32106_KeelanChunkyStrapbabyShoes_1 zapatos bebé




The funny ones

Of felt, knit or another material, the thing is to have some motif or animal figure,skates, and more.


cute-handmade-baby-shoes-3 cute-handmade-baby-shoes






The casual ones

For a mall, a restaurant or receiving visits in the house, here there are new casual shapes for to dress your baby.

felt-baby-shoes lalashoesroundup isabootieslead






And the latest fashion

In the babies, is very common during summer, that we leave them without shoes, even without socks; that’s why the latest fashion (for baby girls) are ribbons with motifs that will allow your baby does not pass heat and also look very chic.

images1 il_fullxfull.329457988 Wholesale-10-colors-Baby-Sandals-Baby-shoes-flowers-Baby-footwear-Baby-foot-ornaments-Toddler-shoes-free







And the latest for our little boys babies are a little more stylish shoes on one side and on the other, with prints or superhero patterns..

il_fullxfull.372789134_9t73 505444748_0442014-new-Cartoon-font-b-Superman-b-font-baby-boy-toddler-font-b-shoes-b-font








If you liked this post, feel free to comment, and dress beautiful your children!

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