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pocoyo fiesta de cumpleaños

Let’s go Pocoyo! Happy Birthday Party!

Your kids have probably seen more than one video of the Pocoyo children’s series on YouTube because it is very common and funny; in addition, the colors, and activities attract a lot of their attention. Surely you want the theme of their birthday party to be Pocoyo and his friends, Pato, Elly, Pajaroto (or Sleeping Bird), and his pet Loula.

As in previous birthday party articles, I published invitations, ideas with cheap materials, activities, food, and more; it doesn’t matter if you celebrate it in your house, garden, or salon.

1.- The first thing is the invitations, there are different sizes, you can fit 2 on a letter sheet, or 3, it depends on the design. They are completely blank for you to put your little one’s data and ready for printing (CLICK TO SEE BIG):


2.- Snacks or food, the idea is that you put things together with colored glasses, it can be fruit to start, potatoes, nuggets, etc. use all of the rainbow colors if you can because it is very Pocoyo !! Use your imagination!

3.- The colorables and printables, surely your guests love to color with crayons, so here I leave you the blank images so they can do it (click to print large):

4.- Activities, they are children, so you must have them in constant movement, something that is very fashionable are the frames, you can usually use it with a styrofoam, or with cardboard from a box or corrugated:

If you have more imagination and time, draw a character from the cartoon, and cut a hole for the children to photograph themselves, it will be great.

5.- The details for the children, in this case, some centerpieces, will decorate your house or living room; Here we show you how to make the centerpiece easily with balloons and prints, remember that the important thing is the color:

6.- The decoration of your house or party room, because with a low budget and very original ideas you can do it big, as long as everything is well ordered and with variety:

7.- A detail for cupcakes. I found these toppers in a circular shape at a very good resolution, so you can print them for the cupcake sticks (they are below):

8.- The alphabet for any sign, if you want the name of your child, the letters of Happy Birthday, or anything, I leave you the alphabet in the Pocoyo style and colors (just click on the image, enlarge and print):


9.- The cake or dessert, here it depends if you have culinary skills to make your own cake or have it made. I show you from a simple idea to something more elaborate:


10.- Treats, you may buy those that come printed with drawings, but if not they can be colored bags with Pocoyo Party prints glued with Glue or Resistol will be great (and remember some cookies won’t hurt):


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