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What are the most common fears in pregnancy?

Fears during pregnancy can be as great and varied as we don’t have an idea. In reality, these will depend a lot on the context of the person. We must take into account what is your emotional, social, and economic situation, what happens to your support network, what are your fears before pregnancy, what learning you have about this stage, what ideals exist, etc.

However, although each woman has her own particular fears, it is also true that there are certain areas that are of concern to most pregnant women.

What are the most common fears in every mother’s pregnancy? Here we show you some of them that can torment us and even have nightmares, and it is true, at this stage of our lives we get to have bad dreams about our future baby, childbirth or with our partner. Here you can find them:

Fear of health problems.

Caring for a living being that is inside the future mother is already a giant responsibility.

For this reason, the fear that both the health of the baby and yours will be complicated is one of the aspects of greatest concern and is usually stronger in the face of small changes that they notice in their body or comments from people.

On many occasions this fear is due to ignorance or myths that are created around what should or should not be done, or what can complicate or improve the state of health of the baby and yours, therefore, it is not fear without foundations, but it is due to having the ideal of taking care of someone but without knowing how.

It is best to work hand in hand with a specialist.

Knowing your body, your health history, and making constant controls, as well as a guide in food and care endorsed in a scientific way, allows you to feel calmer.

Fear of childbirth

This step is one of the most critical for many people. The closer they get to the date of the same, anxiety can increase, and with this many catastrophic thoughts can occur, which can go around the complication of childbirth, repercussions on the health of the baby and yours, aspects of medical care, the intense pain that you will surely have, the fear of not performing the breaths well, etc. an endless number of ideas, imagination is the limit.

These thoughts will only raise the worst-case scenario. Because of this, it is recommended that you be accompanied by a therapist who can work with you in conjunction with such thoughts. In case it is not possible, it is advisable to try to make thinking more flexible: Take up each fear and analyze it, look at possible resolutions, think about other possibilities, not only the bad ones but look at each possibility, the very good and the medium ones and thus we can contrast them with the other possibilities accompanied by the scenario planning, if it is possible to have the suitcase ready, know which hospital you will go to, have the car ready or the telephone number of a person who will take them, go to breathing classes beforehand, etc. Fear always subsides if we accumulate tools and skills for when the time comes.

Fear of upcoming changes in your personal life

Entering this stage involves many changes. The changes obviously speak to us of uncertainty and sometimes of small losses. The way in which a pregnancy is lived is not unique in the world, there are a thousand ways to be a mother, so it is not necessary that you stop doing what you like or love, or modify everything.

Let’s change the fear of change for planning. It is advisable that as far as possible you go accommodating your schedules, as well as doing gradually and prior to birth, the activities you want to do once the baby is born.

It is also good that you do not lose sight of the self-care, that is, taking care of your hair, and your skin, giving you moments of rest, and doing activities that please you; the most common mistake you make is to wait for the pregnancy to pass to resume your life and that usually costs much more time and effort. Let’s start earlier: this will allow you to have more control. The support network here plays an important role.

Fear of not being good enough or not being able to cope with motherhood

No one is born knowing. This phrase is very real, you only learn to be a mother by experience, contact with the baby, even contact from pregnancy allows them to experience this. Fear of failing or being criticized is the most common. First, we must analyze that criticism is the product of morality; which are nothing more than learning subject to a culture and a temporality. That is why what we consider good, for others, can be very bad.

In conclusion, you cannot save yourself from criticism, because there will always be someone with a different judgment than yours, but this does not mean that you are necessarily doing things wrong. Perfection does not exist, we are human. We may even perform acts that do not go with our learning framework or ideal and we feel bad.

To feel more comfortable and confident in the decisions we make as moms we can ask ourselves: What is my moral framework? What do I want to teach? What do I want for myself at this stage as a mom? Once you build these answers, it’s time to put them into practice.

We hope this information will help you for this beautiful stage.

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