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About Tips de Madre (Mom tips)


Well, let me explain to you in a few words why I decided to create my user on Twitter @TipsdeMadre and my blog. I’ve passed through several circumstances that maybe could help a little bit in your experience as a mother. I’m from Mexico City (that’s why you can find some errors in the translation of my articles but well, I try to do it as best as possible) my name is Dafne Delgado, and I was born in June 1987. I have a twin brother but we are soooo different from each other. I studied two majors, Textile Design and Interactive Design, and I work in this area full time. I love to help the mothers that need some advice, probably in pregnancy, raising their kids, tips on BLW and more. I’m a very happy and lovely mom since 2010.

Here are some photos of my family:


I got pregnant for the second time while living in England (because my husband studied for his master’s degree in Liverpool) and fortunately, I no longer had HELLP, although it was treated as a risk pregnancy due to the history of the first pregnancy. It was natural childbirth! What no one could believe after having a cesarean section, my second baby is called Sebastián and he was born in 2016, almost 6 years after my first son Leonardo (the little one on the top) was born in 2010.

I currently live in Canada, since I came to study for a master’s degree in Digital Media and I will be living in Vancouver for two years. But I occasionally go to Mexico and I have two excellent editors who have helped me attend events and many more blogger friends that I always talk to and are very important to me.

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