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How to deal with a situation of school bullying?

Are we aware that one in ten children suffers bullying daily?

The reality is that five out of ten children suffer the siege of bullying on a daily basis and that, even, 40% of them have manifested bodily injuries in their bodies at some time.

Today we bring a guide of aspects to help them how to respond appropriately to situations of bullying at school.

What is bullying?

Bullying implies mistreatment of another human being under the use of physical force, authoritarian practices, and social or intellectual domination, resulting in disparate violence.

Bullying lasts over time. The individuals who exercise it are minors and ram it against another of the surrounding environment. The reasons for which it occurs respond, punctually, to an inclination of the ferocity of the aggressor by psychological components; in addition to a family and community environment, that enhances it.

Guide for boys facing a situation of bullying by a peer

If we observe that a partner harasses another/s:

  • We may feel fear or rejection of these events, but we must always act.
  • If we see that we can not stop these actions, we must ask for help from an adult. This is a hand of solidarity with others.
  • Support always to the attacked. No one deserves to receive acts of baseness and mistreatment in their humanity.

A Guide for Parents: How to Respond to Assaults on Our Children?

Before our eyes, these situations resonate with high impact. We will probably tell our children to ignore or reject these offenses. The problem with this approach is that the victim feels inferior to the aggressor.

If we suspect a possible case of bullying, we suggest following this step-by-step guide:

Listening to our children

Let’s look at their behaviors and moods, making sure they feel safe. and happy. Being bullied is no reason to feel guilty.

Avoid asking them to defend themselves

At least in direct mode. Let’s empathize with them. Let us understand their shames, anger and fears, and let us not ask them to live something for which they are not prepared.

Supporting them

It is necessary to tell them that we are by their side and that we will be there for whatever they need.

Encourage them to ask for help

Let us explain to them the distinction between betraying and asking for help.

Put them in value

Let’s reinforce the self-esteem of our children, highlighting their achievements and the things they do well.

Engaging teachers

Let’s ask for a meeting with the teachers and the director of the educational center to make sure if, indeed, they are aware of the events and the measures to be implemented to stop these practices of violence.

Enhance communication

Teach kids to respond to bullying: Generally, bullies enjoy a place of dominance and power and instill fear. Teaching our children to mitigate the impact of harassment. Possibly, it will lose effect on the bully. That the child manifests to his aggressor that his jokes are not more fun and that they have no effect on anyone.

A situation of harassment is really delicate. It is necessary to carry out the correct steps in order to stop it completely and, in addition, try to create as little trauma as possible.

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