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Ideas of candy holders for children’s party

In this post, I will give you some ideas of candy holders for children’s parties, they are not the goodie bags that are given to the guests for when the celebration ends, these are for the table or candy bar.

Now, the goal of this article is that you can fill the sweets or confectioners for birthdays, for the day of the party, some centerpiece , as decoration for the candy bar, like gifts of the party etc. and that you can make them yourself, by hand and without the need for so much time and above all, budget. We are going to achieve this with economic materials. But you must look well where to buy them and plan when you will do them so as not to be in a hurry, days before the birthday.

First idea: the classic container boxes

With a plate and a ribbon, do it as follows and fill:dulcero-mesa-fiesta

With cardboard, and the lids, which we find as to cover drinks:

The second idea (crowns and characters): to make these simple sweets for children, we will use glasses, whether you cut them or not, or just add a few eyes that you easily find in stationery stores, and fill them with sweets:dulcero-vaso


Third idea: with containers. here be careful that they are not glass, a little Chinese paper or crepe up and a palette will make them look super cute, the best thing is that they can be sweets for both girls and boys:dulceros-fiesta-ninos

Fourth idea: with sachets and tweezers. The candy types for children in the shape of butterflies are very common and look quite a lot, they are bags, pipe cleaners, a clamp for clothes and eyes:


Fifth idea: Paper cones or ice cream cones, I think the images speak for themselves, they are great ideas and unconventional. I really craved the ice cream cone with chocolates!!!



Sixth idea: Recycle rolls of toilet paper. That’s right, paint it and add certain details, more, obviously some tapas so that the sweets do not come out. And they will look like boys, but children do not need large amounts of sweets, so it is instead in the detail. The sanitary rolls will never be missing at home, so put them together whenever there is a new one!



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