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How to talk about private body parts with children?

The subject is always difficult to address with children since there is a lot of fear of making mistakes, creating an uncomfortable moment or saying information greater or less than what children require.

Sometimes many adults expect the perfect moment to present itself, but they don’t have a clear idea of what it will be or how they will identify it. That is why it is important not to look for that moment, but to create it, that is, to build small and constant spaces to talk about the body as something natural.

At what age should you discuss private parts with your children?

Well, the most advisable thing is when they begin to acquire the language, although you can go rehearsing from birth so that you feel more comfortable with this type of dialogue. You should talk about the subject from a young age because although sexuality is a biological event above all it is socially constructed, so doing it from an early age will allow you to have a good relationship with your body, identity and context.

How to start talking about the private parts of the body?

  1. It is advisable to start naming the parts of your body and explain their functions.
  2. Identify what your public parts are, that is, those that can be exposed to others, but that in the same way can only be touched by someone with your permission and private parts, those that for no reason can be touched or seen by someone other than them. In the case of boys (mouth, penis, buttocks, crotch) and in girls (mouth, chest, buttocks, vagina and crotch). They can start by naming them in drawings, stuffed animals or toys and then he or she will do it on their body.
  3. For this explanation to be coherent you must begin to guide him towards independence and self-care, based on instructions, so that little by little he stops requiring an adult to clean his private parts. What self-care activities to teach?

    • Put cream alone on the body, always carefully.
    • Put a daily cleaning routine and give it a considerable amount of time.
    • Set the 3-second rule only for a short period, while you train it. Explain this rule, it will only be to make sure that you have not left any residue of anything that could cause infections. Also to move faster you can create models with fabric or stuffed animals to explain how you should perform your cleaning. You can even guide him, while you clean the model, your little one does it with his body. This will apply at the time of bathing and going to pee or poop. (remember to cut your nails to avoid accidents and give you all the time in the world).
    • Don’t forget to congratulate him and keep encouraging him to do it, even if he makes mistakes, first tell him what he did right and then how he could improve it.

Why is it important to talk about body parts as they are?

Talking about the private parts and the body with your child, from an early age has great importance, you will be covering several points: Exploration of his body, Independence, Care and therefore acceptance of himself. This will contribute to your self-esteem and respect for the body, both yours and the other. It will keep you safe from some situations of risk or abuse. This will lead to healthy sexuality. They will create a space of trust and a bond to be able to address more complex issues as you grow.

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