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Benefits of playing with Slime (by Elmer’s)

Did you know that all that time of play with the Slime in addition to being very fun, contributes to the development of your children? Thanks to this type of activity, they can develop fine motor skills and creativity, and they can also have a better relationship with you for spending that special moment with them.

Do you want to know what are some of these additional benefits? According to Luz María Huerta, psychoanalyst and parenting specialist, the reasons why preparing and playing with slime go beyond a moment of family fun, are the following:

Motor and sensory development

When making Slime, children develop their gross motor skills by preparing the mixture of different ingredients that the process of creating slime entails, which favors visual-motor coordination.

Visual-motor coordination involves the exercise of controlled and deliberate movements that require great precision, are required especially in tasks where the eye, hand, and fingers are used simultaneously, for example, cutting, painting, coloring, threading, writing, etc.

Likewise, this activity will also help your children to improve their fine motor skills since it requires using hands and fingers to mix, take the dough and make figures.

Fine motor skills are the ability to coordinate small muscles, bones, and nerves we have to produce precise movements, such as those we need to operate certain delicate instruments. This ability is finished developing at the age of 10, so it is perfect that from an early age they begin to include these activities in their day to day.

Spark creativity

From the first moment you start the process of making Slime with your children there are already a thousand questions, and that’s fine! All these questions during the procedure encourage their creativity and reinforce the freedom they have to approach you to solve their doubts (although sometimes we even have to resort to a quick online search).

Also, even when you are accompanying them in every part of the process, this supervision does not limit children’s motivation to do things on their own, feel free to experiment and seek their own solutions. You can help in that process, with each step ask your child, how do you imagine if we add this? These questions encourage children’s imaginations and it’s important that you give them the freedom to create in their own way and add what they want.

Relationship Between Father and Mother and Child

Creating your own slime is an activity that is enjoyed as a family and getting involved in these activities is invaluable, not only for the moments you will spend with your children, but you can influence this type of playful and educational activities, to see how they learn and grow in front of your eyes.

The most important thing about sharing these types of activities together is the connection between children and parents, and how much it is enriched when both parties have fun, laugh, and create beautiful moments.

That is why the recommendation by the psychoanalyst for parents is to relax. Let yourself be carried away more by the moment that you live together, regardless of whether the children throw away the materials or play with them. As long as the children are happy and experiment with the textures and the different materials they are mixing, the activity will be much more rewarding for both parties.

Now you are ready to create slime with your children, to feel safer, Elmer’s has a great diversity of products that are washable, easy to get, and best of all is that its ingredients are completely safe for your children. In addition, it has what is necessary so that the only additional thing they add to it is imagination using fun objects such as confetti, sand, glitter, etc. And keep enjoying exploring your creative side while having fun.

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