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Things To Ask Before Installing a Cable Railing System

Things To Ask Before Installing a Cable Railing System

As you renovate your home, consider adding a cable railing system. Although it can add visual appeal and value, it is important to learn about it first. Read below to discover the things to ask before installing a cable railing system.

Is a Cable Railing System Safe for My Family?

Things To Ask Before Installing a Cable Railing System

One of the most important questions to ask before adding a cable railing system is whether it is safe for your family. It can be if you take certain measures. For example, if you fear one of your children will stick their head between the cables, you can prevent this by following the “four-inch sphere” rule.

You may have to check local building codes to confirm you can follow this rule. It suggests installing the cables four inches apart so that you cannot pass a four-inch ball between them. You can keep your family safe by using high-quality cables and maintaining tension to avoid breakage.

How Costly Is a Cable Railing System?

Another question to ask before installing a cable railing system is how much it costs. The price may vary depending on the material for the posts and the number of corner and end posts you use. Cable railings are less expensive than glass or rod systems. Other benefits include clear views through the railing and more durability.

What Kind of Posts Should I Buy?

common challenge people face with wire cable railing is deciding on a post design. Choose an aesthetically pleasing post that follows the structural requirements of your local building codes and endures the stress of daily use. Pick a design based on the post’s load-bearing ability, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cable tension.

How Do I Maintain the Railing?

You may wonder how much maintenance you must perform on a cable railing system. It requires less maintenance than other types of railings, but you’ll need to protect it from corrosion. You can help your cable railings last longer by eliminating rust promptly with a special cleaner for rust removal. In addition, you can apply a rust and corrosion protectant annually so your railing won’t develop rust as quickly as it would without a protectant.

This information should help you decide whether a cable railing system will be a rewarding addition to your home. It has the potential to enhance the look of your residence while giving you opportunities to cut down on renovation costs.

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