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Birthday – Thomas the Train and Friends Themed Party

Thomas the Train and his friends teach the kids things like values, and friendship and entertain them. If your child is young, that is, between 3 to 6 years of age, it is undoubtedly one of their favorites; but there is no age to decorate your house or party room with this theme, so in tipsdemadre we decided to give you the following ideas:

1.- The invitations, as well as in my other posts, here I designed the recommendations, I did not find invitations in Spanish for parties, so I made them, they are already in size to print, you would only need to put the details of the party and / or photo of your little one (CLICK ON THE IMAGES OF THOMAS THE TRAIN TO SEE IT IN BIG):



2.- Centerpieces of Thomas & Friends, with a large number of the age of your child, buckets, balloons, or pompoms with crepe paper, the fact is that with you use the colors, blue and red, you will wear a very godly arrangement:





3.- The details for children, are very original, cutlery, popcorn, and bottles of water, remember that these little things make your celebration look incredible:




4.- The tables, there are some very original ideas for the table to have the façade of Thomas, either with cardboard or fabric, everything is in doing it with time and patience; it does not matter if you will do it in a living room for parties, your house, a garden etc, the fact is that it looks incredible:


5.- The activities, we know that our little ones must be in constant movement, that is why, that a frame for the party, a game style “put the tail to the donkey” but putting the pipe to the train, boxes lined with different colors / simulating trains or wagons, and Coloring pages with crayons will be a great distraction and fun for your cute guests, cheaply and creatively:




coloreable-thomas-amigos imprimible-thomas-friends tren-thomas-colorear

6.- The food, these ideas are so great that you will want to make them even if you are not partying, haha, either with aluminum containers or personalized boxes, show the fruit, sweets, snacks, sandwiches etc, in the form of train cars, it is very original.thomas-friends-botana



7.- Dessert, Thomas cake on the train, or cupcakes for the birthday boy. You have several options, cupcakes like wagons, tower cupcakes, or a decorated cake from the Thomas & friends, which one do you like the most? To me the first:




8.- Goodie bags, sweets or gifts for guests, one of the ways to be thankful that they have come to your party is this; if we don’t want to spend so much money, we can make the bags ourselves with colored papers and stick the characters’ faces on each one; or, a bag with sweets or a gift can also be a good idea:




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