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fresas con chocolate

Strawberries with chocolate

When we think of a dessert that has strawberries with chocolate, we get the idea that it will take a long time. Wash strawberries, maybe disinfect, melt the chocolate, put it in the right way and having to wait until the strawberries are ready one by one. Well there is an easier way, you only have to put in the refrigerator in a mold for ice.Yup!


You can buy a chocolate candy bar in a grocery store or you can buy Nestle Carlos V, with the mold ready and the strawberries washed, melt the chocolate, and put each strawberry in vertical position, and empty the liquid. It’s just a matter of putting them in the refrigerator and take them out in an hour, have delicious strawberries with chocolate cubes.


Now, if you have an ice mold of another shape different from a cube, it will be better.



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