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How to Select Staple Accessories for Your Unique Style

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have your own unique sense of style. A person’s preferred style is determined by their experiences and associations throughout their life and cannot always be easily explained. Accessories are an excellent way of adding depth and interest to even the simplest of outfits, which is why having some reliable staples is so useful. These are tips on how you can curate your collection of accessories to suit your style.

Know Yourself

Trying to choose the right accessories for your style will be a fruitless task if you don’t yet understand what your style is in the first place. Open your wardrobe and assess the contents with a neutral eye. Come up with a selection of adjectives that best describe the impression your wardrobe gives. If you are unhappy with this, you may need to reconsider your clothing options and have a wardrobe reset. Otherwise, use the adjectives as a starting point.

Think About Everyday Wear

When you have a collection of clothing and a series of outfits you feel truly reflect your style it is time to start choosing accessories to enhance it. Unless you have an extremely stringent and cohesive wardrobe, not all accessories will go with all of your outfits. For example, the length of a necklace could be perfect with some necklines and awkward with others. If you are planning to wear accessories on a regular basis, you will need a variety that can serve their purpose of making you feel good when wearing your most frequent outfit combinations.

Remember Special Occasions

Most people are prone to forgetting or ignoring the possibility of being invited to a special occasion when picking out wardrobe staples. However, it can be extremely inconvenient and potentially expensive to always find yourself rushing to track down the right outfit or accessories for a big event. Instead of putting yourself through this unnecessary tension, choose a few accessories that you can rely upon when a special occasion arises. Pieces from designers such as are ideal for matching the elegance of a formal invitation. Take your time to find simultaneously glamorous pieces for the event and in keeping with your personal style. You will be able to enjoy the occasion much more knowing that you can forego the stress of buying new accessories every time a friend gets engaged or your colleague hosts a dinner party.

Don’t Compromise Comfort

People have their own distinct ideas of what comfort feels like. You may be a firm believer that beauty is pain and that accessories can dig into your body somewhat without it being a negative aspect of wearing them. For other people, even wearing a lightweight pair of earrings in the shower or in bed can be uncomfortable. How you prefer to hold a bag, the way an earring fastens, and so many other details can make an accessory comfortable or uncomfortable, depending on the individual.

Introduce New Elements Slowly

Trying out new accessories is a great way to expand your style and venture into unfamiliar fashion territory. It can be tempting to transform overnight with a sudden style change when you want to experiment with something new, but this can make you feel alienated from your own style and less confident in your choices. If you want to try out new styles, use accessories to build up to them gradually. For example, you may normally dress modestly and semi-formally, but if you want to experiment with a completely different style such as goth or alternative, accessories can help you gradually work up to it.

Forget the Rules

There will always be arbitrary rules applied to style and fashion. Still, these tend to be based upon outdated ideas or the opinion of someone with an inflated influence over trends. Create rules that adhere only to your unique tastes rather than concern yourself with what other people might think. Wearing accessories how you please don’t harm anyone, so there is no need to feel trapped by meaningless rules. You can use them as a guideline, of course, but always put your own stylistic preferences at the top.

There are so many different designs for accessories vying for attention that it can become overwhelming to choose the ones that actually fit with what you like to wear. Instead of worrying about how you can follow trends, choose your accessories based on what makes you feel like your best self.

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