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Tips for a multiple birth

Did you know that in recent years multiple pregnancies have increased significantly? A multiple birth also makes the attention, forecasts, and care more rigorous and delicate. Discover below everything you need to know to make this whole beautiful process of multiple blessings a complete success.

More multiple pregnancies, why?

The increase in this type of birth is currently mainly due to the use of fertility treatments. The trend described by the most recent studies indicates that more women whose ages are between 30 and 40 years old are doing their best to get pregnant. This age, and these treatments, considerably increase the chances of releasing two or more eggs, favoring a future multiple births.

Recommendations you can follow

Nothing relieves a pregnant woman of multiple babies more than another mother who has already gone through that experience, sits next to her, and explains step by step all the forecasts she must take and everything that will happen in that period. Now imagine that we are that expert mother who sits next to you and shows you some tips of interest, after all, I (Dafne) am a twin and I can tell you some ideas:

  1. Visit your doctor frequently

It may sound obvious, but you should not take it lightly, specialized care is key to preventing any unforeseen events. Visit your doctor (obstetrician-gynecologist) frequently to closely monitor the correct development of your little ones during pregnancy.

  1. Plan your birth

Discuss your delivery options with your doctor according to your health circumstances. According to studies, natural childbirth has been shown to be a better option in the long term, whenever possible. However, the final procedure will depend on the position and health of the babies, how labor progresses, and the doctor’s recommendations.

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  1. Maintain a good exercise routine

Exercise can be healthy to help you stay active during pregnancy. There are specialized routines for pregnant women that help you strengthen the muscles you will need to make labor more fluid, fast, and successful.

You can also try aerobics exercises or prenatal yoga. 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough, just always keep in touch with your doctor in case any problems arise and communicate the physical routines you have chosen.

  1. Take care of your diet and hydration

Having an adequate diet and staying hydrated are very important steps before childbirth. You should eat a sufficient amount of calories (an additional 300 per fetus), as well as foods high in iron and other nutrients. Likewise, prenatal vitamin supplements are recommended, mainly to increase your consumption of folic acid, which prevents problems with the neural tube.


  1. Prepare your home to receive them

Preparing your house or apartment in advance is very beneficial and you will appreciate having done it since once they are born, you will not have too much time. Buy in advance what they will need (clothes, diapers, and so on). Condition your space

, leaving it ready for when they arrive; that way they will be safer and calmer.

If you have stairs or any space that can be considered risky in the event of slips or falls, secure every corner from the beginning.

  1. Seek as much help as possible

Having support will not only be positive for babies once they are born, but it will make your life easier before and after delivery. Exist Organizations and local groups you can participate in. Hire a doula or looking for multiple lactation specialists could also help you a lot in your process.

Delegating activities during the last months of pregnancy, and the first months of breastfeeding will be vital so that all this commitment is bearable and you can enjoy your little ones much more.

Having the support of your family, friends, and neighbors can make a big difference in this whole process, ask for their collaboration and enjoy the whole process. Think that few have this wonderful opportunity.

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