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7 Benefits of crawling in your baby

Crawl is a common activity in infants, the first type of displacement the baby makes from one point to another. Experts have long determined that this is a key phase of children’s development. Discover, below, 7 of the benefits of crawling for your baby’s physical and psychological health.

At what age do babies crawl?

benefits of crawling

According to experts, the time range in which babies begin to crawl ranges from 6 to 11 months. However, each case is different. Many crawl shortly, some several months and others don’t even. The age at which they begin to crawl, just as the time spent doing so are not relevant.

Some studies suggest that more than 50 of the little ones may sit unsupported at 6 months or walk unaided each year. However, you as parents should not hasten any phases, these are all processes that are naturally being given.

One important thing, which they can and should do, is to encourage displacement. There are some tips that you can follow to stimulate your mobility, always under supervision, and in a safe space.

Why is it important to crawl?

The process of learning to crawl contributes to the development of your little one from every point of view. With varied benefits ranging from physical to psychological-neurological level. Many specialists have determined that most of the skills the child needs to perform throughout his or her childhood are stimulated during this “first step.”

This stage is about promoting independence, giving children the opportunity to explore and discover for themselves. So, don’t worry about how your baby crawls, research indicates that there is no one-to-be-unique or correct style. Which is why, no matter how I do it. The trick is to give him as many opportunities as possible.


Key benefits of crawling

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  1. Emotional development

When your baby starts moving independently, he or she begins to have the freedom to set goals on his or her own. This gives you the opportunity to achieve these goals or fail in the attempt. This process encourages emotional development and helps build your baby’s sense of independence and confidence.

  1. Improves vision

Moving on the floor helps develop visual-spatial skills and depth perception. When crawling from place to place, your baby uses his or her remote vision to set goals, adjusting their focus. These settings are good for training your eye muscles and improving your vision.

  1. Muscle strength

When your baby crawls, he or she has to use his or her arms and legs to lift the trunk off the floor. While working against gravity to move, it strengthens your trunk, shoulders, arms, legs, wrists, elbows, and hands because you have to be constantly active them to support the weight of your body.

  1. Spinal development

Crawling works like a simple and recommended strategy to help develop the spine and nervous system in children. This activity plays an essential role in properly forming the curves of the column. This is elementary for future spinal functions.

  1. Brain coordinationbaby sensory game

Conventional crawling or cross pattern stimulates brain connections, improving the coordination of hemispheres, and performing simultaneous movements. So, your baby uses both sides of his or her body, making them work together to achieve an end when moving or reaching a toy.

  1. Stimulates touch

While the baby crawls, he or she receives sensory stimuli that go directly to the brain. In this way, you will begin to recognize various textures and sensations of everything you touch.

  1. Strengthens the proprioceptive and vestibular systems

By crawling, your little one improves its balance, as well as the sense of location with respect to its environment (proprioception). All of this will even help your child read and write in the future.


Studies have shown that more and more children crawl less and less, skipping this phase. This does not cause any problems. In conclusion, if your child doesn’t crawl, don’t panic, crawling isn’t indispensable, but as you’ve already seen, it helps a lot in their development.

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