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3 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

Sleeping babies and then being able to sleep ourselves is the big challenge that many parents face, especially at night. That is, the daytime naps that babies take are easy most of the time because if they have their belly full, they have a clean diaper, they have already bathed, the temperature of the house is adequate and there is not much bustle around, they fall asleep without any problem.

But at night, that moment when parents are exhausted and just want to sleep doesn’t always match our babies’ plans, besides that, we’re less patient because of tiredness. This can make the situation psychologically more difficult and we may feel that everything is a complicated and unpleasant, especially with the passage of days and the accumulation of tiredness.

If in addition to all the love and attention you give him, hugs and cooing, you need extra help, here are some tips you can use to help your baby fall asleep:

App Baby Sleep Sounds

It is an app that plays sounds that – for some strange reason – cause drowsiness in babies. You can leave the same sound for unlimited time, although you can also set playback minutes for certain sounds: bathroom shower, ocean, vacuum cleaner, heartbeat, car, train, among others. The variety of sounds is wide, including pleasant melodies that could make any adult sleep like a baby.

Its interface makes it possible for sounds to be played in the background, allowing you to use your device for other things.

I tell you from my experience, with the sounds of the ocean my daughter – and I – fell surrendered.

Mozart for babies

This CD that you can buy at Amazon and some music stores such as Mixupis also available for free download at Spotify. It is a wonderful playlist, for some of the most famous melodies of the great Mozart are adapted to the ears of babies, with soft and tender chords and instruments that reach the heart. I love it because it also creates a musical memory in the people who listen to it.

It is so nice and cute this music, that of the 9 melodies that make up the album, my daughter was completely asleep maximum on the fourth track. Still, I’d leave the music at very short volume, until it was over. From mother to mother: put Mozart on your little ones, not just to sleep.

Sleeping massage

Another great way to help kids sleep is with a night bath in warm water and then a massage. During bathing it is good to use lavender shampoo, which helps them relax, many brands of baby products produce them.

When you leave, and before you put your clothes on, give them a moisturizer massage on your hands. He caresses his feet, hands, back and neck. Just like we adults like it, but obviously with all the softness of the world. If the cream can also be lavender for babies, the better.

If you want to give them a much more professional massage, there are several books that teach you how to do it.

Finally, above your pajamas, give them another massage in which you join them the essence of lavender, now yes of the products that adults also use, such as Just or Do Terra. These essences should not be used directly on the baby’s skin, it is not recommended at such a young age. We can harm them rather than benefit them. But through the pajamas it works to the smell.

If you combine massage with Mozart’ssounds or music, you get a foolproof combo. However, consider this not magic and there is nothing better than your time, your patience, your love and your care to get a baby to sleep peacefully.

Sweet dreams, Mommy!

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