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Average infant weight and height chart

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Average infant weight and height chart according to their age; from 1 month to 10 years old, you should know that all children are different, depending on the type of birth they have had (if they were to term) and genetics (especially height) of the parents:

AgeWeight (pounds)Height (inches)AgeWeight (pounds)Height (inches)
1 month9.420.81 month9.721.2
2 months11.022.22 months11.622.4
3 months12.123.13 months13.623.6
4 months12.523.64 months14.924.4
5 months15.425.15 months16.725.1
6 months16.325.76 months17.426.2
7 months17.626.37 months18.526.7
8 months18.026.88 months19.427.5
9 months18.927.39 months20.227.9
10 months19.627.910 months20.928.4
11 months20.028.311 months21.328.9
AgeWeight (pounds)Height (inches)AgeWeight (pounds)Height (inches)
1 year22.229.11 year23.129.9
2 years26.432.62 years27.533.4
3 years30.836.93 years31.937.3
4 years35.0404 years35.940.5
5 years38.341.65 years39.641.8
6 years42.944.06 years43.844.3
7 years46.746.17 years48.546.6
8 years51.848.28 years51.848.3
9 years56.650.19 years58.250.5
10 years62.452.210 years63.252.3

Your baby should not necessarily have the weight and height shown in the chart, you must consider the characteristics of your baby, as well as the conditions at the time of his birth, not because it is a little under weight, means that it is not nurtured. You can check with your pediatrician, your baby’s development.

This table is a guide for you if you see the weight or height of your child IS NOT PRETTY NORMAL, consult your pediatrician.

There are different sites that help you calculate the percentile growth of your child, is one, but there are many more from different countries based on WHO rules.

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