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11-month-old baby: his development!

Now let’s look at the development area by area:

11-month-babyYour 11-month-old’s motor development:

  • Your baby will already start to take a few steps on his own. (1 or 2)
  • They can stand on their own.
  • If he is standing, he can bend down to pick up a toy next to him.
  • When eating, he will want to put the spoon to his mouth and will try to drink from a cup.
  • He’s going to use his index finger and thumb to grab crumbs,
  • He likes to put things in and out of different containers.
  • If you give him a book, he’ll turn a page.
  • Climbs stairs.

Cognitive Development:

  • baby11-monthsAt this age, he knows what it means to say “no”
  • He asks you for the toys or objects he wants.
  • He knows that the cat meows, the dog barks, the lion roars, the cow moans, and associates sounds with animals.
  • He knows what he is doing and its consequences.
  • It can mimic the gestures you make.
  • When “talking” to you, he still uses babbling and combines it with sounds.

Language Development:

  • They understand what you’re saying.
  • They can say a few words, the most common being dad, mom.
  • Recognizes words with objects; For example: if you tell him let’s go to the store, he points to the street, if you tell him let’s go to your grandmother, he points to where she is, etc.
  • He expresses his emotions and what he wants, using gestures.

11 monthsSocio-affective development:

  • It’s going to become a lot more dependent on you.
  • He’ll grab hold of your hair, your clothes, wherever he can, he’ll give you kisses. It will cling to you, seeking your protection.
  • He begins to understand that others also suffer and have pain, which is why, if someone cries, he will too, this is a way of saying “I am with you”, “I understand you”
  • He is more affectionate with people, children, animals, and his toys.
  • Accuse those who misbehave.
  • He likes to play hide and seek.
  • He doesn’t always cooperate.
  • He likes to imitate what adults or other children do.
  • If he notices that others liked what he does, he does it again, because he likes to be praised.

See you later dear friend, remember that it is very important that you get close to your baby, that you live and talk with him, give him security and confidence. I wish you the best of the best. Until next time. With much love…. Your friend Maty.

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