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Your birthday of Ralph the Wrecker and Vanellope

The first time I saw Wreck-It Ralph, I didn’t understand everything, however, the second time, I realized that it is a very nice movie!! with very good messages for children and very funny. Both Ralph and Vanellope are amazing characters and showing old Atari vs 3D games hits the nail on the head.

It is because of this and more than now that Wreck-It Ralph 2 will be released, your girl or boy will want to make his or her children’s birthday party out of this movie. Well here are some good ideas for a themed party in tipsdemadre:

1.- The invitation, here’s a blank design of half a letter with images of both characters and if you click on it you will see the version to print.

2.- The activities, whether you put them to cut their own masks or you do them, they will surely have fun imitating their different characters. Also, mazes or blank drawings for coloring Ralph and Vanellope, can be a great idea:

3.- The Vanellope costume: if you can invest a little, check this family as a role model!! If you want an outfit and economic ideas for the children’s party of Wreck-it Ralph you can just put an overall on your son and these clothes on your daughter with a super hairstyle of Vanellope:

4.- Vanellope and Ralph’s centerpieces and candy tables. If you remember the movie, when Ralph falls into the Sugar Rush game where Vanellope turns out to be the queen, everything is full of candy, candy popsicles, and stands where they applaud the race runners. Check out these ideas that you can carry out in your children’s party whether you do it in a party room, house, or garden:

5.- The cake, if order it, they can make the building and put the Ralph doll without so much complication. If you want easy dessert ideas from the movie, check out the cookie candy strips that simulate the medal or homemade cookies like the one Vanellope gives Ralph:

6.- The goodies, you can find bags of candies with the drawings or create your own colored boxes, remember that all the colors that are in the sugar rush video game are very attractive.

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