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Walnuts, orange and goat cheese salad

Well, in this post, I won’t tell you how to prepare a difficult salad, do the dressings and make our lives harder, not at all; in fact, this idea came out because I had a party with the moms of my son’s school and I had to bring salad, but I didn’t want to make an easy one, I wanted a delicious and different one. So, I bought walnuts (I just cut them in half) and goat cheese that I cut in pieces with a knife:


The next step was the orange, if you cut exactly in the middle and again in the middle, you’ll have perfect orange segments, so the salad won’t look messy with strange pieces of all sizes, and of course, remove all the seeds:


This is the way your salad has to look like, I bought different kind of lettuce and cut it all:


What are you going to use as dressing? Well, the same juice the orange has when you cut it:


Just spread the juice all over the salad and stir all ingredients, you’ll have the most delicious walnuts, orange and goat cheese salad.

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