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A Guide To Pairing Wines And Sides With Your Christmas Ham

As the holiday season approaches, the excitement of crafting the perfect festive meal intensifies. Beyond the traditional turkey or roast beef, a Christmas ham occupies a special place on many dining tables. Want to ensure that each sip and bite perfectly align, resulting in a delightful blend of flavors? Dive into this guide and impress at your next holiday celebration. 

Christmas represents remarkable moments. Think of twinkling lights, soulful melodies, and, most importantly, mouth-watering food. Selecting wines and sides that enhance the flavors of your ham will make your dinner exceptional. 

The Main Attraction: Your Christmas Ham

A flawlessly cooked ham captivates all senses. Its tantalizing aroma, lustrous glaze, and succulent texture make it a holiday must-have. Think about the ease of having a premium Christmas ham delivered right to your door. 

Various ham options await—be it smoked, honey-glazed, or spiced. Each brings its own flavor profile to guide your wine and side choices. For instance, a honey-glazed ham beautifully matches certain wines and contrasts wonderfully with particular sides. 

Your choice of ham dictates the mood. It guides your entire menu, influencing everything from wines to appetizers, sides, and even desserts. With your ham chosen, you’re ready to explore wine pairings. 

Selecting The Perfect Wine: Red Or White?

Wine is more than just a drink; it enhances the dining experience. With the robust flavors of a sweet-glazed ham in mind, pick a wine that either complements or contrasts its taste. A Pinot Noir, noted for its light to medium body and fruity notes, pairs harmoniously with a sweet ham. 

On the other hand, white wines like Riesling or Chardonnay, with their distinct acidity, provide a fresh balance to the ham’s savory touch. The versatile nature of ham allows for numerous wine-pairing options. 

Don’t forget to account for your guests’ wine tastes. While perfect pairing matters, presenting a preferred drink elevates the festive spirit. Stocking a variety guarantees everyone finds a wine to their liking. 

Bubbly Choices: Champagne And Sparkling Wines

Gone are the days when Champagne was only for toasting. Sparkling wines, whether it’s genuine Champagne from France or Prosecco from Italy, offer a fascinating texture that contrasts with ham’s richness. Their effervescence cleanses your palate, ensuring each bite is as flavorful as the first. 

The sparkling wine realm is vast. A Brut delivers a sharp taste, while a Demi-Sec adds a touch of sweetness. Consider a rosé sparkling wine cherished for its fruity notes and captivating color for an unconventional twist. Always ensure your bubbly is served cold for a crisp beginning to your feast. 

Starring Side: Potatoes

What’s Christmas without potatoes? This versatile vegetable transforms into numerous tantalizing dishes. Envision scalloped potatoes enriched with creamy layers, harmonizing seamlessly with ham. 

For a less affluent alternative, consider roasted sweet potatoes. Their natural sweetness complements the ham; when seasoned with festive herbs, they emanate a comforting scent. 

Craving a change? Potato salads might be your solution. A chilled potato salad with crisp veggies and a tangy dressing contrasts beautifully with warm entrees.

Vibrant Veggies: Adding Crunch And Color

Vegetables add zest and texture. Green beans almondine deliver a gentle crunch and a rich finish, amplifying your meal’s appeal. 

When roasted, Brussels sprouts steal the show. A drizzle of balsamic gives them a caramelized touch, perfectly balanced by their tender center. Sprinkle some bacon bits and even skeptics might be tempted. 

If you’re in the mood for crispness, salads are your answer. Picture a mix of greens adorned with pomegranate seeds, crunchy walnuts, and a sprinkle of feta. The outcome? A symphony of flavors and textures. 

Bread Choices: From Rolls To Rustic Loaves

Bread is a pivotal part of your feast. Warm buttery rolls symbolize comfort and are ideal for absorbing sumptuous sauces. 

If you lean towards something substantial, rustic bread or sourdough provides authenticity. Their crunchy crust and soft center, especially when buttered, are pure bliss. For variety, an herb or olive-rich focaccia introduces an Italian flair to your Christmas table. 

But don’t confine bread to just the main course. Starters or desserts like bruschettas or bread puddings showcase bread’s versatility in your holiday spread. 

Fruitful Pairings: From Glazes To Complements

Fruits add a burst of freshness. They’re not confined to basic fruit salads. Visualize your ham glazed with cherry or pineapple. Such fruity touches amplify the ham’s taste and boost its presentation. 

Sauces, like cranberry or apple compote, can enhance the dish’s charm. The vibrant hue and tangy flavor of cranberry sauce provide a delightful contrast. Meanwhile, refreshing fruit salads with citrusy hints add a light touch to the meal. 

Ending With Cheese: A Unique Dessert Approach

Although pies and cakes are holiday norms, finishing with a cheese assortment is a cherished tradition in certain cultures. It effortlessly bridges the gap from savory dishes to sweet delights. The spectrum of flavors, textures, and aromas in cheeses can be eye-opening, especially when paired wisely. 

Begin with a diverse cheese selection. Start with soft ones like creamy Camembert or Brie. Transition to semi-hard varieties like Manchego or Gouda. The pungent aroma of blue cheese or the tang of aged cheddar can be a revelation for the adventurous. Every cheese narrates its own tale.

Accompaniments matter. Fresh fruits, nuts, and spreads elevate the cheese course. From honey drizzles to fig jams, every pairing becomes a gastronomic adventure, ensuring a memorable finale.


Designing a family meal at Christmas is truly an art. Every element, from the ham to the wine to the sides, plays a pivotal role. It’s all about understanding these roles and striking a balance.  

Whether you lean on traditional touches or embrace the innovative, each choice should enhance the dining ambiance. Use this guide as your reference, striving for perfection in every bite and sip, and here’s to a memorable Christmas banquet! 

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