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14 Girl names in Italian

You are about to take a very important step, choosing the perfect name for your little one. When we see or imagine our daughter, we want her name to represent many of her characteristics or to even direct her toward certain skills. Although each child is very different, the reality is that their name will be a fundamental part of their identity, so as moms it is necessary to make a giant search for options until we find the best one, which includes not only staying with the names of our culture but exploring others. That’s why in Tips de madre we share a list of 14 girl names in Italian.

Origin of names in Italian

First, let’s know a little about the culture in Italy. For starters, Italy is one of the most beautiful places for its architecture. In its streets, you can practically find a history carved into its structures. This is because it preserves many of the styles of antiquity as well as representative works, for example, Roman Colosseum, Florence Cathedral, Milan Cathedral, St. Peter’s Basilica, etc. It is also well known for being the birthplace of artists, specifically or above all very famous sculptors and painters. From here we can start drawing, that the Italian names are full of history and above all an artistic touch.

The choice of names in Italy is based on a free choice by the parents and the ritual that is usually followed for this is baptism. In fact, it is estimated that about 80% of the population in this country considers itself Catholic. Because of this, some of the names are very inclined towards a religious meaning, although it is usually less common in women. What usually stands out in female names are characteristics of beauty, care, love, nobility and delicacy.

They usually have a musicality that is very similar to the moment of pronouncing them because of their endings, where the names that originate entirely in Italy usually have an ending in lla, ta, tta, or ra. Something that is important to note is that on many occasions, Italian names are variants of others, which originated in a different culture, mostly German.

Once we have managed to understand a little about Italian culture, let’s get to know the names of girls in Italian and their meanings.

Italian names for girls

  1. Antonella: A name that you had surely heard because it is very popular for the harmony of its lyrics. Besides the fact that it turns out to be a beautiful name, its meaning does it a lot of justice “Beautiful as a flower”. This name is definitely for a girl full of beauty, delicacy, strength and a lot of human warmth. Perfect for your baby.
  2. Bianca: This name, like some in Italian, is a variant of another name. White, whose meaning is “bright” or “with light”, as the name says refers to a girl full of energy, and kindness, who will stand out among all. That will provide tranquility to those around her and in turn, possibly be a woman with all the skills to be a leader, including her strongest problem-solving.
  3. Francesca: This name also has its masculine variant. Both names mean “Who has been delivered.” This means that this is a girl who will be full of curiosity for life and desire for experiences as well as adventures. Someone with a lot of will and determination.
  4. Alessandra: Alexandra’s variant, therefore, is a baby with unparalleled strength, both soulfully and physically. A little person who has a lot of empathy with those around her and is willing to care, as well as full of love, kindness, and strategy, all these characteristics derive according to their meaning “the one who is protective”.
  5. Eleonora: This is an extremely popular name in Italy, many parents choose it because of its great meaning “Strong, bold and brave” Who does not want such a name for their girl? Many associate this name with a lioness. It comes to represent beauty, intelligence and a future full of achievements, as well as adventures.
  6. Greta: Surely you had heard it in movies or books. It appears to be an old name, but it is an Italian variant of the name Margaret. This we can mean, either as a beautiful, delicate, warm and full of life flower, or it also has the meaning of “pearl”. That is, with unparalleled beauty, high value and unmatched in form.
  7. Isabella: Like many of the names used in Italy, it finds its meaning in devotion to religion. Characteristic desired by many parents, because it represents an inheritance of great importance for them. Its meaning is “She who loves God.”
  8. Nicoletta: The girl who acquires this name, will know how to carry it high every time she achieves her goals or is triumphant in the face of adversity that life prepares for her. An intelligent and extremely persistent little one, because her meaning is “Victorious Person”.
  9. Mariella: “The chosen one, star or wake” As you can see, this name may be the derivation of those three characteristics, but also the equivalent of the names Star and Stele. Whose meanings and characteristics are: A person who excels a lot, who has his own light, therefore, independent, who illuminates those who are around, of incomparable beauty.
  10. Vat: This name is also one of the favorites of families today, however, its meaning or origin is very curious. Well, as such it has none, in fact it is the diminutive of different names that have that ending, such as Cristina, Valentina. Therefore, we can say that it contains a lot of meanings and characteristics of these names, such as leadership, courage, curiosity, nobility, responsibility, etc.
  11. Beautiful: As the name itself indicates its definition would be “woman of extreme beauty”, one who stands out for her beauty, it should be emphasized that beauty not only refers to the physical but also to the personality.
  12. Angelina: This name is evidently very unique to the Catholic religion, in such a way that it expresses a person’s goodness, protection and a very meaningful life goal. As such its meaning would be “messenger angel”.
  13. Blessed: “Happy or happy.” This seems to me a beautiful one since it turns out to be one of the least common and in turn the most beautiful, it is definitely like giving our little one the perfect name to guide her in life before a goal that all parents want their daughters to achieve. Surely she will be a very smiling, funny girl, who will know how to value every detail of life.
  14. Chiara: You may not hear this name much in everyday life, although in Europe it does turn out to be popular. It refers to the meaning of “illustrious”. Therefore, she points out that she is a woman who will be recognized for being outstanding in her activities or remembered for doing something important for society.

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