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How to Protect Children’s Skin in Summer

The skin of the little ones in the house is particularly sensitive and it is essential to protect it properly in summer with Baby products and other recommendations. Although many people are unaware of it, the truth is that between 50 and 80% of the damage from sun exposure that a person receives throughout their life occurs between the period of their childhood and adolescence.

Tips to protect children’s skin in summer

Below, we bring you a series of tips so that you can carry out this protection properly and correctly during the hottest months of the year.

Avoid sun exposure in the middle of the day

This recommendation is fundamental and although in this case we are talking about the youngest members of the family, it can be extended to everyone. The central hours of the day are the most harmful to the skin due to the incidence of the sun on it. Therefore, it is important that Children should not be in the sun during peak sun exposure, from 12 noon to 5 p.m. In that period of time, it will be best if they do not go to the beach, the park or the pool.

Use an adequate level of sun protection

Children’s skin is significantly more sensitive than that of adults in general. For this reason, it is essential to resort to the use of sunscreens from 6 months of age. This is the time frame that is established because the truth is that it is not advisable to expose them to the sun in any case. In any case, from that moment on, it is advisable to apply an SPF50+ protection cream.

It will have to be applied before going out and reapplied every two hours at most since both water and sweat reduce its effect, something that is also true of creams that are water-resistant.

Beware of spray sunscreens

Sunscreen sprays are just as effective, but keep in mind that a larger amount is required than what is normally used. Due to the dispenser and the amount it provides, you will have to put something else.

Use sunscreen also on cloudy days

In addition, it should not be forgotten that sunscreen should always be applied also during cloudy days since UVA passes through the clouds and also affects the skin. Its application should be the same as that carried out on sunny days: put it every two hours if you are in an outdoor area.


Opt for clothing with UVB and UVA protection

It is important that the little ones in the house, in addition to using good sunscreen, dress in clothes made from specialized fabrics that allow them to avoid possible burns. It should be borne in mind that it is really difficult to control well the level of protection given to children in this regard, since they are constantly playing and bathing, but it can always be improved by resorting to the use of t-shirts with UVA protection. In addition, it is also essential that they go out with a wide-brimmed hat.

Maintain proper skin hygiene

For proper skin care it is also important to maintain a correct level of skin hygiene. To do this, you have to take a daily bath and use a soap specially designed for the skin of the little ones or that does not contain chemical products. In this way, it is committed to a type of product that cleanses and moisturizes the skin but does not remove the protective acid mantle of the dermis.

Carry out proper hydration

Of course, as with adults, it is also essential that the little ones are properly hydrated. On the one hand, you have to keep in mind that with sea and pool water it is easy for the skin to dry out more. That’s why it’s essential to apply moisturizer daily, preferably unscented.

In addition, if it is important to hydrate on the outside, it is also important to do the same on the inside. Hence the need to drink plenty of water. The role of parents is important here to remember it because on many occasions the little ones end up forgetting something as important as this with the game, the pool, etc.

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