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10 amazing cities to travel with children in Mexico

The perfect holidays are those where we travel to our desired destination and carry out activities for the whole family, especially for the little ones, if you think that there is no tourist place for the whole family in this online travel blog, we bring you 10 cities to travel with children.

Perfect destinations to travel with children in Mexico

The ideal destinations for children are those where they can do activities according to their age and tastes, such as climbing, horseback riding, swimming, seeing or touching exotic animals, traveling by motorcycle, among others.

These activities help your mental, emotional, and physical development. So that on the next holiday your children do not get bored, the following destinations offer great and fun activities for them.


If pampering the family and, of course, the children are concerned, Xcaret paints itself, as it has an oasis only for them, slides, suspension bridges, and cenotes. The Xcaret butterfly with 20 species of butterflies, or the Xcaret Cancun Coral Reef Aquarium.

The latter has exhibitions of more than 5000 marine organisms full of color and life, it is the only one in the world of this type. Without a doubt, great activities that not only your little one will enjoy.

Uxmal, Yucatan

Continuing with hot and beach destinations we have Uxmal Yucatan. Here within its archaeological area, you find tours specifically for children to tour, lasting about an hour or so. Or the Uxmal Pyramids.

To continue with the fun and flavor this trip, you can visit the chocolate museum, where in addition to eating kilos of this sweet, you will know in depth the importance that cocoa had in the pre-Hispanic culture of the area.

Ciudad del Carmen

Sun, sand and sea, the elements that should have the best places to vacation with children and for example, Ciudad del Carmen, where, in addition to its warm sands and clear waters, you can swim with dolphins or know the fauna of the place.

But if you and your kids like adventure, they can’t miss visiting Discovery Jungle Park, and do activities like rappelling, riding a quad bike or getting to know some caves. An unforgettable trip!


And it is that on the beach the holidays with children are better, and to give them this happiness Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo offers activities such as fishing, horseback riding on the beach, kayaking, snorkeling, and even a 9.7-kilometer bike tour that has become one of its main attractions.

On this tour, you can see exotic birds such as magpies, woodpeckers or the spatula beak, a bird similar to flamingos. Marvel at trees over 35 meters high.

Puerto Vallarta

Not only do you find beautiful beaches to relax with your whole family, but different and fun children’s activities, to mention some we have the water park Aquaventuras and Vallarta Discovery where you can hire tours with different activities.

Or, swim with sea lions, horseback riding, and even visit the pirate ship with family attractions and shows. We advise you to go at night, as they use fireworks and water activities.


Leaving aside the idyllic beaches we arrive in Puebla, a very familiar destination. You will have fun walking through its streets, tasting its food and for the children, nothing better than a visit to the star of Puebla, the largest observation wheel in Latin America.

But if it’s an adventure, visit the already famous African Safari, a place with more than two thousand and five hundred wild animals loose in its natural environment. It features night safaris, a large collection of birds, shows, and restaurants.


Being one of the most important cities in the country, it could not leave behind tourists who come to visit, nor its inhabitants. In this city, the fun doesn’t stop. Visit the Canyon of the Huasteca, or prepare a day of safari in Biopark.

Cycle through the Fundidora Park, to admire the view from its viewpoints or climb to the top of Horno 3, where is the Steel Museum. Finally, take a boat ride along with Paseo Santa Lucia until you reach the Macroplaza.


And is that, besides beaches and big cities Who do not like the tranquility and the great color of a magical village? Taxco lends itself perfectly to make those family trips that will leave you with great memories.

For example; It has great architecture and nature such as the grottoes of Cacahuamilpa, the blue pools to take a good dip, or the great view of the village from the cable car. Their food, like the guerrilla pozole, will delight the whole family.

San Miguel de Allende

In addition to visiting its great architecture and cobblestone streets as well as the Parish of San Miguel Archangel, San Miguel de Allende offers activities focused on the little ones of the home, which will make them spend hours of fun.

The botanical garden “ElCharco del Ingenio”, with exhibitions of plants, viewpoints, birds, historical ruins, and an interactive garden for children. Another great place for children is “La Esquina” the museum of the popular Mexican toy.


We couldn’t leave beautiful Mexico City out of this list, a place for an excellent holiday with children, as there are restaurants, amusement parks, thousands of museums, a great zoo, and shopping centers focused on the little ones of the home.

In addition to parks in excellent condition in the different mayors, covering sports and cultural activities, if that were not enough, there are music and film festivals with special space for the little ones.

Tips for traveling with children

Because we know, that traveling around Mexico with children is not easy, we leave you very useful tips so that you do not have any complications.

  • Go out in time to spare for any situation
  • Bring a small lunch and water
  • Keep an eye on them
  • Entertainment: colors, books, toys or tablet
  • Avoid traveling if you are sick
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • If possible, book the first airplane seats, have more space, and are close to the bathroom.

If there are hundreds of destinations to travel with children, and all with great activities to pamper them, visiting one of these will surely be the best vacation of your life and yours too. Do not think about it anymore and travel as a family!

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