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Among Us Party – Children’s Birthday

When our little ones are at home, in addition to supporting housework and carrying out activities of coexistence with us, they have also been interested in a video game called Among Us, of which our children have told us a lot and have even asked us that their party be with this theme, because the children are very enthusiastic about this game.

That’s why, here at Tips de Madre, I show you ideas so that this party fulfills what your child expects in terms of fun and entertainment with their friends.

1. The Invitations, with the theme of Among Us, you can see that there are a variety of totally blank designs for printing at half-letter paper size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):





2. The Decoration, you can use cardboard, balloons, and paper, where you can draw the characters of Among Us which are relatively easy to make, and you can also make stars and put a black fond0 that looks like it is space, to give a better atmosphere to the party, you can consider the following ideas:







3. The Details help your party to have a better atmosphere, so you can use posters, happy birthday pennants, more balloons in different parts of the house or outside it, as well as plates and glasses, and it is not too much to make some credentials with the name of the guests so that they feel that they are part of the game:




4. The tasks they can recreate this video game in an interactive way without the need to use the video game because the coexistence between the guests would be lost, so you can assign activities to the children as in the game, and also have a piñata pretending that it is the Impostor.



I also show you coloring pages that you can print in letter size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):


5. Food can be very varied from vegetables, to chicken nuggets in the form of the characters of Among US:


6. The Cake, Cupcakes, or Cookies of Among Us, you can make them at home if it does not seem very complicated since the characters are not so complicated, but if you do not want to have the pressure to come out as you want, or you can send them to do:


7. Bags of Sweets or Souvenirs, you can the paper bags you want and paste the figures of Among US that you make in cardboard paper or cardboard and you can decorate them with colored papers, you can also make colored masks also with cardboard so that children also play with them at the party of Among US:



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