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What are millennial moms, how do I know if I’m one of them?

Technological advancement and access to information lead to new customs and changes in society. This is reflected in today’s generations who have different concepts about life. When we talk about generations, we mean people who belong to the same age group and who share experiences that enriched their formation and are distinguished from their ancestors.

The millennial generation, who were born between 1980 and 1995, make up the modern stratum of young adults who impose their preferences in different respects. But today we will talk about fatherhood, where this new generation of parents stands out for making some changes in the upbringing of their children.

Mothers under the age of 35 who have made significant changes to parenting processes were labeled “millennial moms.” Generally, they differ by using technology around their daily activities; they learn how to make porridge with tutorials on the internet, share photographs of their children on social networks and are also multifunctional women,that is, they work, study and take care of raising their children.

According to the “Millennium Woman” report, the Pew Research Center highlights that millennials are women who continually seek development opportunities. In addition, they are marking a trend in industrial relations as they do not want to give up their careers or the upbringing of their children.

The characteristics of the mothers of the millennial generation are distinguished from past generations. It is estimated that 22% of the world’s mothers are millennials, an average of 9 million women, and are differentiated by making their own decisions when it comes to facing and exercising motherhood.

These mothers hope to break with traditional sexist stereotypes to raise their children focused on the importance of gender equality. This is confirmed by research carried out by the consultancy Trendsity,specializing in market research and consumer trends, which covered a work to 1,000 cases of parents in 5 countries: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Mexico.

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“In the mothers of the millennial generation we see significant changes in gender-related parenting and find differences in how they educate their children, compared to mothers over the age of 40,” said Mariela Mociulsky, CEO of Trendsity.

Millennial Moms, what are they like?

Some of the main findings found in the research:

– Break with typical gender roles: they have preferences for advertising that show breaks with traditional gender stereotypes. 64% of those interviewed said this could bring about positive change in future generations.

Encourage games and sports without sexist tags: with the concept that toys have no gender, they are interested in their daughters playing different types of games. Even play sports that were previously culturally assigned to men.

They want children who value the role of women: they are focused on their children fulfilling their role as a parent in the home, participating in household chores and creating the role of women in society. 55% considered goodness to be an essential attribute.

Strengthen your daughters’ autonomy: they are interested in their daughters being autonomous both physically and emotionally. In addition, 23% valued cunning among one of the most outstanding qualities.

Flexible motherhood, parents on a par: these young moms who are between 25 and under 40 years old, live “flexible motherhood”. That is, they are more open to change and seek a more real maternity exercise.

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And you, you consider yourself a millennial mom?

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