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Bag or backpack, which is better for the back?

The bag or backpack for women is an ideal complement to use in our day-to-day, whether to go to work, gym, university, etc. However, there are times when its weight could fall on our back and spine. Therefore, many wonders: Bag or backpack, which is better for the back?

The size of the bag or backpack is not the problem, but what we carry inside it. Pressure on the muscles and joints can also cause discomfort in the shoulders, arms, or hands. Above all, because the one who takes the worst part is the back.

The backpack: the ideal option for the back

Although the bag is usually very comfortable and practical, it can be harmful to the health of your back. This is because they recharge all the weight on one side, especially if you carry a lot of things. If you have back problems or just want to avoid them in the future, it’s important to consider using a backpack.

The backpack is excellent for carrying books, tools and other heavy utensils, thanks to the fact that it can be evenly distributed throughout its interior. In this way, the muscles of the back support the weight without any risk of suffering any health problems.

What are the benefits of backpacks for my back?

Among the benefits of backpacks for your back we point out the most important:

  • By evenly distributing the weight on your shoulders, you can carry an amount of weight for long periods.
  • Backpacks offer you the opportunity to organize your belongings in the best way because most models have different compartments.
  • Allow the muscles of your back and abdomen to carry the weight of your belongings, as these are stronger.
  • They are great to take to work, college or university.
  • By using it on the back the hands will be free.
  • You can get them in different models, sizes and colours.

Recommendations to avoid back injuries when using the backpack

If you don’t want to have problems with your back when using the backpack, keep the following tips in mind:

  • If you are one of the people who do not go out without their backpack on their back, it is important that their weight does not exceed 20% of your body weight.
  • When loading the backpack, place the heaviest objects close to the body. The further you take the load away from the body, the greater the strain and risk to the back.
  • Carry your backpack symmetrically over your shoulders, and so you can reduce the twisting of the body. Also, keep the backpack as close as possible to your back.
  • Make sure that the backpack you choose has ergonomic features that help you have a comfortable, safe and healthy transport.
  • It is important that your backpack has wide, adjustable and padded handles in its support area.

Undoubtedly, the answer to the question is Bag or backpack, what is better for the back? It is the backpack, as it offers many benefits for the health of your back. Of course, as long as excess weight is respected.

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