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Aztec names in Nahuatl for girls and their meaning

Choosing the name for your little one is one of the most important steps, something that requires time and above all many options. The most valuable thing is that you manage to find one that fills the meaning you want to express and reflects the love you have for your girl. Names in Nahuatl are an excellent option to investigate; they bring with them much of the Aztec culture and the history of Mexico and are shaped by meanings that for their time and present are amazing, as well as beautiful. That is why here we share a list of names in Nahuatl or Aztec names for girls.

Origin of Nahuatl names for babies

Let’s start by making a small introduction to this empire. Within the Aztec culture the choice of name was something very important, since it had a special meaning, talked a lot about the future and the characteristics of the person. There is still much to explore on the subject, but it is believed that children at birth acquired a calendrical name, called tonaltoca.

This name was acquired once the baby was carried in the presence of the fortune teller, approximately seven days after birth. The parents shared the day and time of birth, information that the fortune teller occupied to provide references about the fate of the child, giving a sign, that is, what the future would be. The combination of the name of the day of his birth and the sign was theoretically his first name. In the same way the fortune teller provided the ideal date for the “lavatorio”, an event very similar to the baptism.

In the “lavatory” the baby was given as such the name by which he would be known. Your name in the world “tlalticpactoca”. Days after going with the fortune teller, they were now meeting with the midwife, who was carrying out the event. In this case, those who chose the name were the parents and she only reproduced it in the ceremony, she could refer to some important character for them, some event or their wishes. It is also believed that months later the boy was presented to a religious temple. In this way there it was given a nickname that was added to the previous one. This was related to the deities. Below we share some of the most beautiful names of this culture.

Aztec names in Nahuatl for girls:

  • Ameli, Amellali: A delicate and sweet name for your little one. Its meaning is “Spring of water”. We can interpret it as a source of life. A girl with strength, freedom and who emerges to the surface, that is, manages to overcome.
  • Elia: “Shoot of a plant” Like the previous name it refers to nature. At the beginning of life. Something that has a lot of potential, delicate, tender and beautiful.
  • Metstona: “Moonlight” this name says it all. A small one with an unparalleled beauty. Worthy of being contemplated and loved. That will illuminate the life of every person, with a unique essence and greatness.
  • Noketzal: “My beautiful daughter” even though the meaning is very direct, can perfectly express what a mother and father feel the instant they look at their baby for the first time. A feeling that endures over the years. A name that will always remind her how loved and beautiful she is.
  • Quetzal, Quetzali: It’s probably one of the names you’ve heard the most. But it is due to the multiple and precious meanings it has: “Beautiful pen, treasure, jewel”, this name is focused on the unparalleled value of your little one. It expresses the qualities that will distinguish her, from her way of being, to her physical beauty.
  • Xochiswatl: “Rose petal.” Everything that relates to flowers has a singular value. For the Aztec culture, flowers took a special place in their rituals and ceremonies. The flower for them was a symbol of the diversity of the universe and magnificence of divine gifts.
  • Xochil: “Flower.” As mentioned in the previous paragraph, flowers acquire a value of magnificence, also this name is a symbol of good creation. The flowering of the intellectual and emotional. The perfect symbol of love and balance.
  • Yolotl, Yolotzin/Yoltzin: These three names have a similar reference, all are directed to the words “Soul, heart, little heart”, which would be associated with the essence or life force. Someone indispensable, free, strong, powerful.
  • Xinaxtli: “The seed” is, that from which everything arises, life, nature, something beautiful, small at this moment but that can become immense. The beginning of many things.
  • Meztli: “Goddess of the moon or moon.” One of the most beautiful names we could choose. We speak of a very important deity for this culture, because it represents greatness, light, and was also related to the movement of the sea, fertility and harvest.

We hope that in one of these names you will find the one that can reflect all the love you have for your little one. We recommend you make a list of all those that you liked and so you can take into account each and every one of them when making your choice. Do not forget to enjoy this fabulous process .

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